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All the Critters Leaving in March
  • Many of New Horizon's fish and bugs will leave this month
  • Northern Hemisphere says goodbye to several fish
  • Southern Hemisphere says goodbye to several fish and several bugs

Like their real-world counterparts, the fish and bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons come and go with the seasons. As March ends, several critters will be, ahem, marching away (for now) in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Have you caught them all?

To help you double-check that you’ve filled in your Critterpedia and donated to Blathers at the Museum, we’ve compiled this list of all the creatures that will be leaving and where to find them.

Tip: Look for the owl icon in your Critterpedia to check if your Museum has a specimen already!


The Emperor Butterfly (5PM to 8AM) will take flight at the end of the month for both hemispheres, but it will be back again at the beginning of June. With a solid 4,000 Bells per catch, be sure to take full advantage of these butterflies while they're around!

Northern Hemisphere

Fish Location Times
Bitterling River All hours
Football Fish Sea 4PM-9AM
Sea Butterfly Sea All hours
Stringfish River (Clifftop) 4PM-9AM
Sturgeon River (Mouth) All hours
Yellow Perch River All hours


None! Other than the Emperor Butterfly mentioned above.

Southern Hemisphere

Fish Location Times
Arowana River 4PM-9AM
Beta River 9AM-4PM
Butterfly Fish Sea All hours
Clownfish Sea All hours
Crawfish Pond All hours
Dorado River 4AM-9PM
Gar Pond 4PM-9AM
Giant Trevally Pier All hours
Great White Shark Sea 4PM-9AM
Hammerhead Shark Sea 4PM-9AM
King Salmon River (Mouth) All hours
Nibblefish River 9AM-4PM
Ocean Sunfish Sea 4AM-9PM
Piranha River 9AM-4PM & 9PM-4AM
Puffer Fish Sea All hours
Saddled Bichir River 9PM-4AM
Salmon River (Mouth) All hours
Saw Shark Sea 4PM-9AM
Soft-shelled Turtule River 4PM-9AM
Suckerfish Sea All hours
Surgeonfish Sea All hours
Sweetfish River All hours
Whale Shark Sea All hours
Bug Location Times
Agrias Butterfly Flowers 8AM-5PM
Altas Moth Trees 7PM-4AM
Diving Beetle Rivers 8AM-7PM
Eath-Boring Dung Beetle Ground All hours
Grasshopper Grass 8AM-5PM
Madagascan Sunset Moth In the Air 8AM-4PM
Mosquito In the Air 5PM-4AM
Pondskater Rivers 8AM-7PM
Rainbow Stag Trees 7PM-8AM
Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Prefers Purple, Blue, and Black Flowers 8AM-5PM
Rosalia Batesi Beetle Stumpts All hours
Tiger Beetle Ground All hours
Tiger Butterfly In the Air 4AM-7PM
Walker Cicada Trees 8AM-4PM
Walking Leaf Beneath Trees All hours

Quick Tips

In case you're struggling to find them all, there are a few strategies that might help. 

First, see those little spurts of water on the beach sometimes? Grab your shovel and dig! They're usually manila clams, which can be crafted to make bait. Use bait by water to get another fish to spawn. This can be especially helpful for getting fish in smaller spawn areas, like river mouths (where the rivers meet the sea) and ponds.

If you're looking for bugs, be sure they have plenty of places to spawn. Plant lots of flowers (and variety! Some bugs prefer certain flowers), shake trees (with net in hand), and be sure to chop down some trees and leave the stumps. If you hear a bug but can't find it, try following the sound to the loudest spot and digging. Some bugs hide underground!

That's all for now! Stay tuned for full fishing and bug catching guides coming soon, and good luck catching the rest of the March critters!


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