Mario Kart Tour Heads to Tokyo - List of New Drivers, Karts, Gliders and More!

  • The Tokyo Tour event in Mario Kart is heating up!
  • Here's what you should know about this event from the East


Attention racers! Get your karts and gliders ready for this next wild ride. We’ve got a guide for you on everything you need to know about the new Tokyo Tour brought to you by Meester Tweester on our discord server! Let’s dive in!!!

For Mario Kart Tour’s second tour, we head off to Japan with Tokyo Tour! It will be available from Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 2:00 a.m. ET until Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at 1:59 a.m. ET. With the new tour comes a boatload of new content: drivers, karts, gliders, cups, courses, a new ranked cup, spotlight content in the pipes, challenges, and gifts.


Tokyo Tour has brought a staggering 14 drivers, bringing the total to 34. Peach (Kimono) and Mario (Hakama) are new costumes for the Mario Kart series, promoting this tour’s new location with traditional Japanese clothing. Rosalina, mother of the Lumas in Super Mario Galaxy, has been included along with her baby form. Wario, the greedy, long-time Mario Kart driver, and Lakitu, referee of past Mario Kart games, have also been added. Finally, the seven Koopalings and Bowser Jr., Bowser’s young minions, join the races as well.

Two new special skill items are introduced. The first is the Dash Ring, used by Rosalina and Ludwig, which is a series of rings thrown ahead that you (and your opponents) can use for a speed boost. The second is the Coin Box, used by Mario (Hakama), which spills coins all over the road for you or any other driver to collect. The new drivers have been listed with their special skill item below.

Normal rarity

  • Baby Rosalina - Bubble

  • Iggy - Triple Green Shells

  • Larry - Boomerang Flower

  • Lemmy - Bubble

  • Ludwig - Dash Ring (new)

  • Morton - Giant Banana

  • Roy - Double Bob-ombs

  • Wendy - Heart

Super rarity

  • Rosalina - Dash Ring (new)

  • Lakitu - Triple Green Shells

  • Bowser Jr. - Bowser’s Shell

  • Wario - Double Bob-ombs

High-End rarity

  • Peach (Kimono) - Mushroom Cannon

  • Mario (Hakama) - Coin Box (new)


The new tour has added 13 new karts, making the toal 32 karts. The spotlight kart is the all-new Quickshaw, a motorized version making a pun on rickshaw carts. The Kabuki Dasher has been added as a new version of the B Dasher, based on makeup from performers of kabuki theater. One of the oldest karts added is DK Jumbo from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, along with a new chrome version. The blue color scheme of the Biddybuggy from Mario Kart 8 has been upgraded to its own kart. Similarly, the same goes for the black color scheme of the Circuit Special from the same game, making the Black Circuit. Here are the new karts with their special skill listed.

Normal tier

  • Biddybuggy - Slipstream Plus

  • Blue Biddybuggy - Slipstream Plus

  • Cheep Charger - Jump Boost Plus

  • Landship - Mini-Turbo Plus

Super rarity

  • Royale - Slipstream Plus

  • Cloud 9 - Jump Boost Plus

  • DK Jumbo - Jump Boost Plus

  • Chrome DK Jumbo (new) - Jump Boost Plus

  • Koopa Clown - Mini-Turbo Plus

High-End rarity

  • Quickshaw (new) - Rocket Start Plus

  • Kabuki Dasher (new) - Dash Panel Plus

  • Circuit Special - Slipstream Plus

  • Black Circuit - Slipstream Plus


Tokyo Tour has added 9 new gliders, bringing the total to 20 gliders. Most of the gliders introduced in Tokyo Tour are new to the series. The Paper Glider included in the DLC of Mario Kart 8 has a new red and white color scheme. Many Oilpaper Umbrellas, which are real-life Asian umbrellas rather than gliders, have been added. The Droplet Glider has the shape of the Standard Glider, but with an Ice Flower-like droplet design. The acronym in the BBIA Parafoil means Boomerang Bros. International Airlines. Finally, there is the Full Flight, a rectangular paper kite. The text on it says 大入, or “oiri”. Thanks to translation help from FLALORM, the design is a common sign signifying a large seating capacity. The gliders below have been listed with their special skills, along with the new Lightning and Mega Mushroom Plus.

Normal rarity

  • Paper Glider - Green Shell Plus

  • Droplet Glider (new) - Blooper Plus 

  • BBIA Parafoil (new) - Banana Plus

Super rarity

  • Oilpaper Umbrella (new) - Red Shell Plus

  • Lightning Oilpaper (new) - Lightning Plus (new)

  • Wario Wing - Bullet Bill Plus

High-End rarity

  • Purple Oilpaper Umbrella (new) - Mushroom Plus

  • Full Flight (new) - Mega Mushroom Plus (new)

  • Cloud Glider - Lightning Plus (new)


Just like the last tour, 16 fresh cups now make up Mario Kart Tour’s playable courses. Again, some are locked behind a timed release, unless you have some Quick Tickets to lower their countdown by a day. Below are the release dates of each cup without Quick Tickets, at 2:00 a.m. ET. Bowser Jr. Cup, the fifth cup, is the ranked cup for the week of Wednesday, October 9 to Wednesday, October 16. Toad, Peach, Mario, Toadette, Daisy, and Dry Bowser had cups last time in New York Tour, and the other 10 are getting cups for the first time in this game.

  • Wed. October 9: Rosalina, Lakitu, Toad, Peach, Bowser Jr., Mario, Baby Daisy, Ludwig

  • Thu. October 10: Toadette, Larry

  • Sat. October 12: Baby Rosalina, Wendy

  • Mon. October 14: Wario, Daisy

  • Wed. October 16: Dry Bowser, Peachette



The tracks from New York Tour, including New York Minute, have been replaced by lots of new courses to race on! The featured themed course this tour is Tokyo Blur, a race through the Rainbow Bridge and other landmarks of the city. From the original Super Mario Kart on the SNES, Mario Circuit 2, Choco Island 2, and the infamous Rainbow Road return. With MK Tour’s invisible walls though, Rainbow Road’s barrier-less sides are a lot less lethal! Kalimari Desert is back from Mario Kart 64, but instead of waiting for the train to pass, you can Jump Boost right over it! From Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS, Mario Circuit and the night-time Neo Bowser City are back. Although this time, you can finally stomp the Goombas on Mario Circuit! As always, R and T variants of tracks appear as well, denoting reversed and trick versions. Not all the cups are available yet, but we’ll keep you posted next week with an update article. Thanks to JGLP’s Quick Tickets, we have the tracks for Thursday’s cups.

Update 10/9: Thank you to our Discord members spook dis (I stan goose ver) and YujiPlayz for showing the last six cups. It’s crazy to think you can get all the cups on Day 1! JGLP has discovered every track in each tour appears four times, of which two are normal variants, one is an R variant and one is a T variant. This is with the exception of the new course each tour (Tokyo Blur in this tour), having two normal variants, two R variants, two T variants, and two R/T variants (reversed and trick combined).

Rosalina Cup:

  • Tokyo Blur T

  • Mario Circuit

  • Rainbow Road

  • Ready, Set, Rocket Start (Mario Circuit)

Lakitu Cup:

  • Neo Bowser City

  • Mario Circuit 2

  • Yoshi Circuit

  • Ring Race (Tokyo Blur)

Toad Cup:

  • Shy Guy Bazaar

  • Toad Circuit

  • Choco Island 2

  • Do Jump Boosts (Rainbow Road)

Peach Cup:

  • Yoshi Circuit R

  • Rainbow Road

  • Mario Circuit

  • Break Item Boxes (Mario Circuit 2)

Bowser Jr. Cup (Ranked cup of Week 1):

  • Kalimari Desert

  • Tokyo Blur

  • Neo Bowser City

  • Big Reverse Race (Mario Circuit)

Mario Cup:

  • Mario Circuit 2R

  • Yoshi Circuit

  • Tokyo Blur R

  • Goomba Takedown (Neo Bowser City)

Baby Daisy Cup:

  • Kalimari Desert

  • Toad Circuit

  • Mario Circuit R

  • Do Jump Boosts (Toad Circuit)

Ludwig Cup:

  • Shy Guy Bazaar R

  • Neo Bowser City

  • Kalimari Desert R

  • Vs. Mega Ludwig (Choco Island 2)

Toadette Cup (Thu. October 10):

  • Mario Circuit 2T

  • Tokyo Blur R

  • Toad Circuit T

  • Ring Race (Choco Island 2)

Larry Cup (Thu. October 10):

  • Rock Rock Mountain T

  • Kalimari Desert

  • Choco Island 2R

  • Steer Clear of Obstacles (Neo Bowser City)

Baby Rosalina Cup (Sat. October 12):

  • Rainbow Road T

  • Mario Circuit 2

  • Tokyo Blur

  • Smash Small Dry Bones (Kalimari Desert)

Wendy Cup (Sat. October 12):

  • Rock Rock Mountain

  • Choco Island 2

  • Shy Guy Bazaar T

  • Break Item Boxes (Mario Circuit)

Wario Cup (Mon. October 14):

  • Choco Island 2T

  • Tokyo Blur R/T

  • Shy Guy Bazaar

  • Glider Challenge (Rainbow Road)

Daisy Cup (Mon. October 14):

  • Mario Circuit T

  • Rock Rock Mountain

  • Yoshi Circuit T

  • Goomba Takedown (Yoshi Circuit)

Dry Bowser Cup (Wed. October 16):

  • Neo Bowser City T

  • Tokyo Blur T

  • Rock Rock Mountain R

  • Vs. Mega Dry Bowser (Kalimari Desert)

Peachette Cup (Wed. October 16):

  • Toad Circuit R

  • Rainbow Road R

  • Tokyo Blur R/T

  • Do Jump Boosts (Tokyo Blur)

New York Tour gave us Koopa Troopa Cup and Toad Cup for our first weekly ranked cups. This tour, we are starting off with Bowser Jr. Cup for the first week. Your combined score for the first three courses will determine your score for the rankings. You can compare against 19 other opponents, where ranking high will give you a reward in rubies or coins. Ranking higher will move you up tiers, which will place you against fiercer competition next week. You can also compare against friends you’ve added in MK Tour. A new ranked cup will be each Wednesday at 2 a.m. ET.

In case you’re wondering what are the best picks for this week, here are all the favored courses of the driver, karts, and gliders, on each course:

Kalimari Desert:

  • Drivers, top row: Morton, Ludwig

  • Drivers, middle row: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, Roy

  • Karts, top row: Badwagon, DK Jumbo

  • Karts, middle row: Chrome DK Jumbo, Koopa Clown, Bullet Blaster

  • Gliders, top row: Lightning Oilpaper

  • Gliders, middle row: Droplet Glider, Swooper, Wario Wing, Bob-omb Parafoil

Tokyo Blur:

  • Drivers, top row: Peach (Kimono), Mario (Hakama)

  • Drivers, middle row: Bowser Jr., Lakitu, Baby Peach

  • Karts, top row: Quickshaw, Soda Jet

  • Karts, middle row: Black Circuit, Koopa Clown, Biddybuggy, Blue Biddybuggy

  • Gliders, top row: Purple Oilpaper Umbrella

  • Gliders, middle row: Full Flight, Swooper, BBIA Parafoil

Neo Bowser City R:

  • Drivers, top row: Bowser Jr.

  • Drivers, middle row: Mario (Hakama), Dry Bowser, Rosalina, Wendy, Roy

  • Karts, top row: Badwagon, Koopa Clown

  • Karts, middle row: Blue Badwagon, Kabuki Dasher, Cloud 9, Landship

  • Gliders, top row: Cloud Glider, Lightning Oilpaper

  • Gliders, middle row: Full Flight, Swooper, Bob-omb Parafoil

Spotlight content (Week 1)

This week’s spotlight content includes Peach (Kimono), the Quickshaw kart, and the Purple Oilpaper Umbrella glider. These three High-End parts will have an increased chance of being pulled from the pipes this week, 1.000% if your pipe is full. Only one of each is in each pipe though, so you’ll have to reset if you pipe is full. If you haven’t pulled them yet and you still want them, keep pulling, their odds are increased with the less content inside the pipe. Additionally, the spotlight content of each tour has an increased number of favored courses in the tour that they’ll perform better on. 

Peach’s new kimono costume has the Mushroom Cannon special skill, just like Peachette, shooting Mushrooms in front of the kart. The Quickshaw has the Rocket Start Plus special skill, increasing its dash time and giving bonus points for doing so. The Purple Oilpaper Umbrella has Mushroom Plus, increasing your odds of getting a Mushroom from Item Boxes. So overall, quite the speedy set!


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