Minecraft Earth Closed Beta Sign-Up Available Now

  • Beta coming "soon"
  • Skin options available
  • Tap on "tappables" in the overworld to gain blocks and other placeable objects
  • Throw your blocks and objects on a Buildplate for some building sandbox fun

July 11, 2019, saw a new trailer for Minecraft Earth released. Minecraft Earth will be available in a closed beta "soon", and the video demonstrates all the amazing ways players can interact with their Minecraft buddies. 

The AR overworld in Minecraft Earth looks very similar to Pokemon GO, only it's populated by all the voxel monsters and buildings you'd expect to see in Minecraft. Players can tap on these objects to unlock special items, blocks, and objects to be used in the world around them.

The building blocks appear to be most applicable with Buildplates, a special AR-based stage you can layout on any flat surface around you. Through your phone, players can invite their friends to build and create whatever they'd like to on the Buildplate, and also trade items. 

You can also sign up for the Beta by clicking the link below. 

Sign-Up for Minecraft Earth Closed Beta


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