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Announced on the 10th Anniversary of the game that started one of the largest franchises ever, Minecraft Earth is an Augmented Reality mobile game currently in development by Mojang. 

Based on the popular franchise, Minecraft Earth will be a free-to-play game that focuses on: 

  • Collecting: Collect pieces and elements from your real-world surroundings to add to your repertoire. Some exclusive content may even be available for certain promotions! 
  • Exploration: Resources and challenges await around every corner, literally! Minecraft Earth will encourage you to get out and about in order to progress in the game. 
  • Collaboration: Build a World in Augmented Reality alongside your friends! Share your creations with one another and work together when the task is monumental in size. 
  • Survival: Battle against enemies from the Minecraft franchise! 

Game Profile

Minecraft Earth will have the following features:

  • Real-Time Adventure
  • Augmented Reality
  • Geocaching
  • GPS

Developer Profile

While not officially announced, it seems that Minecraft Earth will be published by Microsoft Studios. This may change! 

Mojang logo


Minecraft Earth will be available on both Android and iOS! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to play Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth will be available on both Android and iOS! 

What is Minecraft Earth's Release Date? 

While no official release date has been announced, a closed Beta test will be occurring sometime this summer! (Summer of 2019) 

Where is Minecraft Earth playable? 

According to their FAQ, the game will eventually roll out to be playable anywhere on the planet! Any language that the original Minecraft game supports will also be supported by Minecraft Earth! 

Where Do I Download Minecraft Earth? 

Minecraft Earth is currently in development, but you can sign up for the Beta now! According to sources, a closed beta will be opening up sometime in Summer of 2019!

Click here for Beta Access Instructions!

Will Minecraft Earth have loot boxes? 

Rejoice! According to the Official FAQ, Minecraft Earth will NOT have any loot boxes in their game! 

No lootbox!

How will Minecraft Earth be profitable? 

Let's face it, with any big game, revenue needs to be seen to continue development. While Mojang has announced that Minecraft Earth will be free-to-play and have no loot boxes, what does that mean? 

How do you think Mojang and Microsoft will see revenue? 

Some speculation on our part: 

  • End-Users Pay: They'll probably sell skins or other cosmetics for us to use! 

  • Sponsor Supported: Permanent or limited-time advertising in the game will promote certain products. Imagine buying a life-sized pixelized Master Chief to display at your pad! 

  • Both: Will it be the best (or worst) of both worlds? 

Quick Gameplay Tips, Tricks and Guides

Minecraft IRL

So the biggest thing about this game right now is how it'll be a true-to-life scaled game of Minecraft in the real-world, all while on the convenience of your smartphone! 

In the meantime, how can you prepare for Minecraft Earth? 

Smartphones - Make sure you have a smartphone capable of playing the game! While they haven't released any exact specifications, we imagine it will require at least the same minimum requirements any other AR game with GPS has - like Pokémon Go! 

What mechanics can we expect to see? 

More to come here! We're currently analyzing their Official Reveal Trailer and some of their press releases to figure out exactly what Minecraft Earth will be like!