Adventure Guide

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Adventures are described as the "survival" aspect of Minecraft Earth.

They bring a slice of the Minecraft World to real life. You'll find them around on the in-game map.

You can partner up with friends, and other people to take down mobs and find valuable resources.

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Where to find Adventures?

Adventures aren't currently available in Minecraft Earth, as the game is still in closed beta.

Microsoft will gradually be rolling out Adventures when the feature is ready.

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What else do we know?

Adventures will be randomized, and will spawn on the overworld map. You just have to get close and tap on it to enter.

Dying during an Adventure results in a penalty, however we aren't sure what it is yet.

Adventures is where you'll find most of the valuable resources in-game, ranging from ores, or even treasure.

Two Players Gearing Up To Fight

You can even break or mine blocks to keep, and even battle mobs with friends.

The developers have stated there currently isn't a limit to the amount of players that can participate in Adventures, but this could change at release.

Any block or item gathered will also be shared, so there isn't any fighting over resources.