Basic User Interface Guide

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Overworld Map

Minecraft Earth Overworld Map

The overworld map is where you'll be spending a majority of your time in Minecraft Earth.

It is here where you'll access the other menus and UI elements in-game. Like your profile, inventory, buildplates and even the in-game shop.

You'll also interact with different objects on the overworld map, such as tappables and adventures, which you can find out more about below.


Minecraft Earth Profile Page with Badges

Your profile page is accessed by clicking on your character's icon on the top left of the screen on the overworld map.

From here, you can change your skin for your character, as well as buy different skin packs. Keep in mind, you can't upload your own skin.

You'll also be able to see your levels, experience needed, as well as different achievements, similar to badges from Pokemon GO. For example, how many tappables collected, and distance walked.

Changing Skins

Skin choosing menu

As mentioned earlier, from the profile page you can change your skin. You'll be able to access any previously owned skinpacks that you've purchased from Bedrock edition, as well as any skins purchased from the Marketplace.


Inventory UI (Blocks and Mobs)

The inventory is accessed from the menu at the bottom of the Overworld Map. From here you'll be able to check out all the blocks, items and mobs collected throughout your time playing.

The inventory is split between Items (which includes Blocks) and Mobs, and is sorted by rarity. You can also choose if you want it in ascending or descending order.

From here, you can also assign different items, blocks or entities to your hotbar. This is also accessible in build mode!


Buildplate UI Menu and Placing Screen

From the buildplate menu you can scroll through and choose between the different buildplates you own to build on. Every buildplate also has its own biome.

When you choose and click build, you are then taken to a screen to place down the buildplate in real life through augmented reality.

There is also a menu that can be opened during building that lets you invite friends to join, or move your buildplate elsewhere.

Playing with Friends

Menu to invite friends

Whilst you're building in table-top mode, if you open the menu, you have the option to invite friends to build with you.

This will generate a QR code which friends then can scan to join you from the menu available from the overworld map.


Example of a tappable rewards screen

The UI and interacting with tappables is pretty simple and straightforward. When you click on a tappable on the overworld map, it brings you to another screen where you just have to keep on tapping on them until they "break" and give you rewards.