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Article by Cam Nguyen


Challenges in Minecraft Earth are tasks that the player can complete for experience points, or rewards like Rubies.

They are comparable to quests, or Research Tasks from games like Pokemon GO.

The Challenges Menu is currently split into four tabs:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Career
  • Event

The Menu is accessible from the Overworld Map.

Minecraft Earth Challenges UI

Daily & Weekly

Daily Challenges reset approximately around Midnight, but it depends on where you're located.

Currently you get two Daily Challenges per day, which reward experience points. If you complete both, you get Rubies.

Minecraft Earth Weekly Challenges UI

Weekly Challenges reset at the start of each week. Players are given 6 tasks, which reward either experience points or rubies.

Events & Career

There are currently no Event Challenges scheduled yet. Trying to click on the tab will hit you with a pop-up, saying to check back soon.

You can access the Career tab in Challenges, however it is currently empty. When there are tasks added, we'll update them here.

Minecraft Earth Pop-Up for Event Challenges

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