Character Creator

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Article by Cam Nguyen
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The character creator allows players to personalize their avatar in ways that a skin can't.

You have the ability to change your character's body size, shape, apply different hairstyles, facial hair and even change out your limbs!

For example, do you want a character with blue skin, a red beard and robotic arms? You've got it!

Character Creator UI in Minecraft Earth

The Character Creator was originally made for Minecraft Earth, but the feature is also being added to the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

You can also currently beta test the Character Creator in the Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android editions.

The player avatar from Character Creator will also sync between Bedrock and Minecraft Earth.

There are over 100 options for players to choose from to customize their avatar, available for free on the Character Creator.

You will also be able to purchase more accessories using real money, as well as unlock accessories in-game by participating in activities.

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