Crafting Guide

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Just like in the main game, crafting plays an important part in the gameplay loop for Minecraft Earth.

Whilst you collect resources and items through tappables and adventures, you'll use them to craft different blocks and equipment.

Minecraft Earth Crafting/Smelting UI

Don't be fooled though, Crafting in Minecraft Earth isn't exactly the same as the main Minecraft game. The biggest difference is items actually take real life time to make.

User Interface

To access the Crafting Menu in Minecraft Earth, tap on the "Make Stuff" option which is available from the menu on the bottom of the screen when you're on the Overworld Map.

From here you'll have the option to choose between using the Crafting Table, Stonecutter, Furnace or Enchanting Table features (but lets save the later ones for another guide!)

To being creating items or new blocks, simply choose Crafting, and then choose a recipe for the item you want to make from a list.

Minecraft Earth Overworld Map

You also have the option to choose the amount of items you want to craft, if you want to make multiple. Just make sure you have enough of the required material!

Also again, keep in mind - unlike the main game, in Minecraft Earth it takes real time to craft items. For example, a Diamond Pickaxe takes 8 hours. It is possible to speed this up with premium currency however.

Information to Keep in Mind

  • Minecraft Earth is still in Early Access and testing features, so when full release comes Crafting could change significantly.
  • You can use Rubies to speed up the time it takes to craft items (this also applies to smelting). They can be bought or found from tappables.
  • In Early Access you can only currently craft one item at a time, but this will be changed in the future.