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Article by Cam Nguyen
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Minecraft Earth has microtransactions which then can be used for cosmetics or gameplay elements such as buildplates.

They come in the form of premium currency known as Rubies, and Minecoins (which is also used in the Bedrock editions of Minecraft.)

Minecraft Earth Store UI

Minecraft Earth Store


Where can I get Rubies?

There are a few ways to get Rubies in Minecraft Earth. The best way is just earning them through opening tappables.

You can also earn Rubies as a reward from completing Adventures, but remember they can be dangerous!

Finally, you can also buy Rubies from the Store which is accessible from the Overworld map.

Minecraft Earth Store Rubies Section

Rubies Section in the Store

What can I use Rubies on?

At the time of writing, in the Early Access release of Minecraft Earth you can currently use Rubies for two things.

You can use them in the in-game Store to buy more buildplates (which also come with blocks and other resources) and to speed up Crafting/Smelting wait times.


Where can I get Minecoins?

Minecoins are the other premium currency found in Minecraft Earth, but they are special compared to how Rubies are handled.

Players can buy them through Minecraft Earth, or through the Minecraft Bedrock editions for the game.

They can also be used on the Minecraft Marketplace and aren't limited to just Minecraft Earth.

Minecoins Minecraft Earth

Buying Minecoins in Minecraft Earth

What can I use Minecoins on?

Minecoins are used for cosmetics in Minecraft Earth to unlock new accessories, clothing or customization options for the Character Creator feature.

You can learn more about that over on our Character Creator Guide.

Minecoins can also be used outside of Minecraft Earth, for the Minecraft Bedrock edition of the game on the Marketplace store.

They can also be used to buy skin packs which also are available for use on Minecraft Earth.

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