Tappables Guide

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Tappables are the main source for resources like blocks, item and mobs in Minecraft Earth.

As you walk around in game, theyll spawn on the overworld map. They can come in the shape of various entities or blocks from the Minecraft Universe, from pigs to trees.

Picture of the tappables and overworld map

Interacting with Tappables

On the overworld map, to interact with a tappable you simply have to tap on the object.

If a tappable is within your range, it'll start to glow. You can also increase the range for your character by eating food.

Resources like blocks and mobs from tappables are sent to your inventory and even have different rarity values.

mob tappable

Different Types

You'll notice on the overworld map that tappables can come in different shapes and sizes. They might appear as different mobs from the franchise, or even blocks.

These different tappables actually give you different rewards and resources however. For example, grass blocks/tappables give out items like flowers and dirt blocks.

Some of the different types of tappables that can spawn


There is currently four tiers of rarity in Minecraft Earth which is indicated by the outline of the item or block when you recieve it.

Rarity Outlines:

  • White - Common
  • GreenĀ  - Uncommon
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
Example of tappable rarity/outlines

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