Minecon 2019 - Everything Minecraft Earth

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Article by Cam Nguyen
At Minecon 2019 we learnt more about Minecraft Earth, such as a first 'full' look into the Adventures mode, the October Rollout Release Date, and the new Character Creator feature.

Release Date

At Minecon 2019 the development team announced Minecraft Earth will begin releasing worldwide in October.

We weren't given a specific date, but it will be a gradual rollout release - similar to Pokemon Go, as part of Early Access.

They have also announced on their Twitter Account that there will also be no more player progression resets.

You can find out more on the release date on the Twitter Account or Official Website. 


We got out first proper look at Adventures finally at Minecon, previously we had only seen snippets of gameplay.

Adventures aren't currently in the beta, and is the "survival" element of Minecraft Earth.

They bring a slice of the Minecraft world to real life, and with friends or other players you can take them on for rewards.

Throughout the conference, they re-confirmed some details and information we had previously been told about Adventures mode.


Such as blocks and items being shared between players, so if one person gets it, everyone does - so no one will be fighting over resources.

We also found out that there will be a reward at the end of Adventures, through a special chest that gives out loot.

The developers also mentioned that Adventures isn't always just combat, they can feature other elements like puzzles. 

They also confirmed that if you die during an Adventure, you'll lose your items - so there's always a risk with the reward.

Character Creator

Finally, we also got a look at the Character Creator feature at Minecon, for Minecraft Earth and the Bedrock Editions.

The feature was originally created for Minecraft Earth, but the developers wanted to expand it to the Bedrock Editions.

You can currently test out the Character Creator feature on the Bedrock Beta, available for the Windows 10, Xbox One and Android Editions.

You can learn how to sign up over on their official Character Creator post.

The Character Creator will be synced between Minecraft Earth and Bedrock Editions of the game, and allows players to customize their avatar more than any skin can.

You'll be able to change the shape and model of your character, as well as body size, and other features like hair, limbs, eyes and more!

The character creator features more than 100 options to customize your player avatar for free.

You will also be able to purchase more options using real-life money, as well as earn accessories as you play Minecraft through in-game activities.

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