The Most Important Daily Events in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Daily Event Ranking

Here's what you should prioritize for daily events in the Galar region, ranked by overall value for your time:

1) Visit the Rotomi PCs: Roll for prizes in the Loto-ID once a day, plus send your Pokemon out for Poke Jobs!

2) Do any Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area before they roll over at midnight

3) Complete the Champion Cup at least once for a Wishing Piece

4) Face GAME FREAK's Morimoto in a double battle for lots of exp and money

5) Battle the Battle Cafes in Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon for a free food item (especially if you want to evolve an Alcremie!)

6) Shops & Traders:

  • Check the Wild Area to see if the Watt Traders and Ingredient Sellers have anything you need - they refresh their items every day!
  • Visit the Stow-on-Side Bargain Shop and Collector to see the daily bargains and the Collector's desired item each day

7) Visit any Berry Trees you see for free berries and sometimes wild Pokemon

Which Daily Events to Prioritize

There's so much content in the Galar region that Pokemon Sword & Shield can sometimes feel like a living, breathing world! And just like the real world, things change every day. Daily events are parts of Sword & Shield that reset at midnight every day, allowing you to complete tasks or receive rewards or even see different items to buy every single day. Sometimes it can be tiring to repeat tasks every single day though, so we've gone ahead and ranked the various dailies in order of what you can get out of them vs. how much effort you have to put in! This way you can prioritize what to do and not burn out on meaningless busywork in-game!

#1: Roll The Loto-ID and Sign up for Poke Jobs at the Rotomi PC

Every day, make it a priority to access the Rotomi PC located in any Pokemon Center. You can roll the Loto-ID lottery here: pull a ticket once a day, and if the numbers match up with any of your Pokemon's ID numbers, you can earn rewards based on how many numbers match!

Rotomi PC
Matching Digits 1 2 3 4 5
Reward Moomoo Milk PP Up PP Max Rare Candy Master Ball

Plus, the Rotomi PC lets you access Poke Jobs! Poke Jobs are tasks you can send your pokemon out on for exp and items. They can ask for you submit anywhere from one to thirty of your Pokemon for a duration as long as a whole day! As you progress through the game, more jobs will be available for your Pokemon to complete. Some change daily, while others stay static. The job's description will imply what type of Pokemon is required for the task at hand. For nine star rated jobs, the amount of exp earned can be very significant. Given how little effort it takes to send out Pokemon through Poke Jobs, it's definitely worth using for leveling up your collection as it grows.

Poke Jobs

#2: Max Raid Battles

Some of the most fun you can have in the Wild Area involves joining Max Raid Battles! These challenges against a Dyanamaxed Pokemon will stop every night at midnight, and new ones will spawn for the next day. So if you don't want to miss out on a particular Max Raid Battle, make sure you do it before the day ends! (Though you can use Wishing Pieces to spawn Max Raid Battles on demand, so don't stress out if you miss some!) Which brings us to...

#3: Complete the Champion Cup Once a Day

Of course, you're free to show up at the Pokemon League whenever you want and beat everyone there to really rub salt in the wound that they just lost to a seventh grader or whatever, but you should go at least once a day! Not to wreck everyone's egos further, but because you can get the aforementioned Wishing Pieces as a reward once per day, the first time you beat the Champion Cup! (Beating it multiple times will earn you other rewards.)

In fairness, I would also look like that if a middle schooler challenged me to a fight.

#4: Challenge Game Freak's Shigeki Morimoto!

Legendary game designer and Game Freak staff member Shigeki Morimoto shows up in the traditional fashion of Pokemon developer cameos. You can find him in Circhester, waiting in the hotel (to the right of the Pokemon Center) on the 2nd floor, first door on the left. He's the man dressed like a police officer. You can challenge him to a double battle once a day for a lot of exp and money, but only once you've successfully become the Galar Champion! All his Pokemon are level 65, so don't go in expecting a free win if you aren't leveling regularly!

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

#5: Visit the Battle Cafes

Listen. Who set up these Battle Cafes? Why would you ever want to eat in a locale literally designed for people to come in and fight? How do they stay in business? Is Giovanni secretly funding these things under the table? Well, those are questions for another day. Your job is just to go in and be one of the fighters - you can challenge the Battle Cafes in Wyndon, Hammerlocke, and Motostoke once each per day. You'll earn a food-based reward! (Probably for keeping your mouth shut about shady business practices.) Notably, this is one of the easiest ways to earn a Sweet item, which you'll need if you want to evolve your Milcery into the adorable Alcremie! (You may have to conduct more than one battle to get the right reward, since they're random, though.)

Battle Cafe

#6: Shops and Traders

Really stretching the concept of a flash sale, it turns out that Watt Traders and Ingredient Sellers in the Wild Area shuffle their inventories every single day! If you need to buy new TRs or ingredients, you can check in on them daily to see what new commodities they have for you. 

Plus, the Bargain Shop in Stow-on-Side always has deals on handy items, sometimes even rare goods that are hard to find elsewhere, and you can come back each day to see the upcoming bargain. (You can see yesterday's bargain, today's bargain, and tomorrow's bargain.) And right next to him, the Collector wants a different item each day, which he'll buy from you at above the normal selling price!

The Bargain Shop is in the middle, and the Collector is standing on the left.

#7: Visit Berry Trees

I mean, they're berries and they're free. It's not an especially valuable haul, but if you have time why not pick some once a day?

Berry Trees
It's free real estate. 


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