Mutazione is a new adventure game with an artistic twist

  • Artsy adventure game released on Apple Arcade, Steam, and PS4
  • A mutant soap opera where small-town gossip meets the supernatural
  • Priced at USD 19.99, EUR 17.99, GBP 15.99

Mutazione - Artistically Adventurous

With the recent launch of Apple Arcade, games will be vying for a chance to stand out from the rest, and Mutazione has a unique twist that does that. Created by Die Gute Fabrik and Akupara Games, the game is set in present day Mutazione and follows 15-year-old Kai as she helps nurse her ailing grandfather, Nonno, back to health. Along the way she befriends the local residents, who all have some type of mutation due to a meteor that hit the town over 100 years ago. 

The world of Mutazione looks like it was taken directly from a child's storybook. Visually appealing and artistically masterful in its design, the game hails itself as "a mutant soap opera where small-town gossip meets the supernatural." Kai must distinguish between friend and foe as she navigates the secrets and betrayals that lie under the community's surface. In the end she must embark on a final spiritual journey to save everyone from the strange darkness at the heart of it all.

Gameplay and Features

Highlights of the game include:

  • A lush, hand-illustrated world to explore
  • Ensemble cast of lovable mutant characters
  • A story with unpredictable dramatic twists and turns
  • Gardens to customise for unique relaxing generative musical soundscapes

Just watching the trailers and some of the gameplay available, the music, sounds, and even artwork give the game a very soothing and relaxing vibe. This is definitely not a hardcore or fast paced adventure game so it could appeal to a different demographic than your average game. Especially true for those new to Apple Arcade and adventure based games. You can check out the full trailer below. 

Concluding Thoughts

Mutazione is a refreshing change to a lot of the adventure based games currently available. It seems like the type of game to savor and enjoy. Hopefully we will continue to see more artistic renditions of adventure games that will visually stimulate players and offer an alternative to those looking for something a little more low key. 


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