Nanaba's Pioneer Squad Event Overview

Nanaba event

A Brief overview of the new event featuring 3 star Nanaba (Gold) 

Event Overview

Nanaba's Pioneer Squad features a new farmable 3 cost assault unit that excels against Striking Titans.The favoured element for the event this time around is Gold so make sure to include them to your team, if you have opportunity to do so. The event will be filled with striking titans allowing Nanaba to be a great asset in achieving stage objectives due to her ability and gold element. Gold proficiency materials will also be available in the event shop so this is a great opportunity to power up your gold units.

Part 2 of the event will drop halfway through the event providing access to new event materials that can be traded within the event shop.

Make sure to sure to do joint force daily to ensure you maximize the amount of Nanaba fragments you receive from this event! 

Nanaba (Gold)


Nanaba is the 3rd 3 cost unit that has been introduced in the game but it seems they still haven't quite hit the mark in comparsion to other units. While she has a high atk stat she seems to be very situational due to only 1 hit count and her SP only boosting damage against striking titans. Despite this she still has her uses against striking titans, especially in the current event.

Don't miss your chance to recruit this unit as she will be only available for a limited time.

Nifa (Gold)


Nifa is a new versatile addition to the gold unit roster providing general support and damage for the team. She is a 4 cost assault unit with respectable stats of 8.6k ATK and 7.1k HP combined with a new ability that reduces the total HP loss rate of all gold units on the field including herself! She is also equipped with a nice horizontal AoE SP that deals good damage and has a fast charge rate of 2%. 

However i would recommond saving your crystals as her banner is filled with less desirable units and with the christmas season coming up it would wise to wait. 


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