New Gacha Launch: Abyss Horizon Now Available on iOS

Abyss Horizon
  • Abyss Horizon now available for iOS.
  • 3D ARPG gacha ship waifu collector with arcade style controls, gameplay, and graphics

Ship Waifu’s Embark on iOS!

Abyss Horizon is a 3D ARPG gacha waifu collector with arcade style controls, gameplay, and graphics.  Developed by YYGLOBAL LIMITED and published by Illusion Studios Limited, the game was released for Android on December 25, and is now available for download and play on iOS devices.

Abyss Horizon Character Profile

New Player Rewards

New players will find the following rewards in their mailbox:

  • 200 Diamonds

  • 4* Ship Belle Portland

  • 10 Fast Builds

  • 20 Cruise Robots

Abyss Horizon New Player Rewards

More Information

For more on gameplay, a trailer, links, and other information see our previous launch article here:

Abyss Horizon iOS App Store Download
Abyss Horizon Gameplay


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