New Megaman X Game Closed Beta Registration Available Now

  • the latest installment in the Megaman X franchise is allowing 30,000 players an early peek at the game

A new Megaman X game is coming to mobile, and the developers are gearing up to start a closed beta test. 

Rockman X Dive is the newest entry in the Megaman X series, a spinoff of the Megaman games that hasn't had a game made since the Playstation 2 era. 

The game appears to be made by Capcom Taiwan. 

The Global Closed Beta Test for the game is available now at the link below. They will be accepting 30,000 Android users globally. Registration closes on August 22nd, and invitations will be sent out on August 23rd. 

The game is titled "Rockman X Dive" due to the titular character being called Rockman instead of Megaman in Japan. 

ROCKMAN X DIVE Closed Beta Pre-RegistrationRockMan X Dive Official Facebook Page


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