New Niantic Game Incoming: CATAN - World Explorers

  • This brand-new Niantic venture shows off some AR functions 

A new Niantic game has been discovered by fastidious Reddit user u/Zyxwgh. Catan World Explorers is a brand-new AR game that has very little information released. We have a few screenshots of a game that looks very similar to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. 

Buildings and "roads" that look similar to board pieces from the smash-hit Settlers of Catan are easily recognizable, and the website does mention the five resources available in-game: Brick, Lumber, Grain, Ore, and Wool. The website also mentions battling your friends in "custom personal matches". 

There are no discernible markings on this website that mark it as a Niantic project. However, the Cookies Policy linked on the site directs to Niantic's website. 

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