The November 2019 General Skywalker Soft Counter Guide Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

General Skywalker


- Padme

- Sith Empire

Hi Holotable Heroes, today we’ll discuss potential soft counters to the seemingly unstoppable General Skywalker (GenSky).  Specifically, We'll be discussing:


- Padme

- Sith Empire

Having been out for a month, we’re getting a better handle on how to counter him and what to expect from matchups.  A couple disclaimers before we begin our discussion:

1. ARC Trooper hasn’t been released yet, and there is still some fine tuning on mods in top arena leaderboards.  All of this will be subject to change as the community fine tunes him with an infinite amount of monkeys keying away at an infinite number of typewriters. These are the soft counters at the time this article is published in November 2019.

2. These are Soft Counters, which means that 100% win rates are not guaranteed and should not be expected. You will see in many of these videos that you should expect to lose one or more character per run if you win at all, which means a lot of lost banners in GAC.  No Hard Counters exist at this time, and none are likely to exist till the next top end character is released in and estimated five months.

3. The definition of a soft counter for the purpose of this article is a team that is a viable counter when it has greater mods/gear and human strategy often including very tight and strategic gameplay.  A soft counter often has no shot when mods and gear are equal and should be used with caution. It should be noted most guilds ban the use of soft counters in TW, and soft counters should always be used with only when no hard counter options are available.


EDIT:  After the article was posted, the Chewie bug that allowed Chewie assist multiple times a turn was patched, and as expected the counter still works quite well. I'll be adding another video by Daka Flocka Flame after the Bulldog video to display the team with the bug fixed.

The most promising counter to General Skywalker was first released by Bulldog in early October and was included in an article I authored in October on GenSky Soft Counters. The team involves Commander Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo, C3PO, and fifth from this list: Thrawn, Old Ben, or R2.  This counter really prefers some relics on Han Solo and Chewbacca, and then overcomes the team with complete damage superiority. If you’ve tuned your CLS team to counter JKR, then you stand a good chance at counter General Skywalker as well. It is absolutely essential you have the mod and gear advantage when utilizing any soft counter.  If you run Thrawn, I highly recommend saving Fracture until GenSky's allies have all been defeated.  GenSky dispels all debuffs, including Fracture and other locked debuffs, when he goes into cover (Topple).  Thrawn's TM swap for his second turn during GenSky's topple can really help finish off all the clones before Anakin wakes up from his nap.

Kill Order: GenSky Topple>Fives>Echo>Rex>Ahsoka>GenSky

Check out this video by Bulldog1205 to see CLS and Thrawn in action:

In this next video. Daka Flocka Flame shows CLS with the Chewie bug fixed ripping and tearing through the GenSky.  The mods are shown at the end of the video, and they are beastly as you would expect from a MAW member.


The Padme Counter doesn't necessarily require GMY, but it does make it easier to mod and easier to play.  Using GMY on the padme team though does weaken your JKR team, so it's a rough tradeoff for GAC/TW. If you run GMY, you’ll want to open with Battle Meditation, and it'll help if you can save Padme's Graceful Assault (the kick) till GenSky is alone if you can defeat everyone before Gensky comes out of cover. If you run C3PO instead of GMY, you will want to use that Graceful Assault kick instead of attempting to save it.


Kill Order: GenSky Topple>Fives>Echo>Rex>Ahsoka>GenSky

It’s Just Ian has some great info on this counter here:

And Dylarr’s Twi’Lek Tactics demonstrates how difficult this counter is to pull off when you don’t have a clear advantage in mods and gear:

Sith Empire

Sith Empire is effective against GenSky since Ferocity adds more potency than GenSky gives Tenacity, and it helps that Anakin is susceptible to Fear.  Sith Marauder should replace Malak for this lineup, as GenSky’s Chosen One Zeta deincentivizes his use. Save debuff moves until everyone has some ferocity in place— I would recommend using Force Storm on the first turn to get the ferocity train going earlier. Getting that first topple will really help the match all around.  More likely than not, you’ll get to use Insanity before you can topple GenSky the first time. After that, focus fives if he’s modded for Offense and focus Echo if Fives is modded for tankiness.

Kill Order: GenSky Topple>Fives>Echo>Rex>Ahsoka>GenSky

Check out this Great Video by Bulldog1205 on the Sith Empire Counter to GenSky.


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