One Punch Man: Road To Hero - Tier List Version 1.5

  • This Tier List ranks the overall usefulness of a character, and takes into account its DPS, tankiness, and utility.

S Tier

The best units in the game with broken abilities

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

S Tier Explanations

Metal Knight

  • The BEST character in the game. 
  • Most DPS Active, and does more and more damage as the number of enemies decrease.
  • Gives himself a shield or an attack boost. 
  • Insane stats overall
  • Last talent (Destructive Bomb) can wipe an entire column of enemies and the requirements of 10 combos is easy to achieve.


  • On par with Metal Knight in PvP (arena). 
  • Has a chance remove shields which renders Amai and TTM’s abilities useless. 
  • Parries to hugely increase survivability.  
  • Last talent (Integrity) boosts Bang’s attack by 300% and can wipe out entire teams. 
  • The best counter to the current meta controller Metal Knight.

Amai Mask

  • Best healer in the game. 
  • Removes debuffs with Active (poison, bondage, burning, etc) which is extremely helpful in PvP. 
  • Heals the lowest HP character every round for a fair amount.
  • A chance to add anger at the beginning of each round, which can lead to a big advantage in PvP. 
  • Last talent (Pop Idol) gives a solid shield to everyone on the team, soaking up AOE attacks such as Genos’ Incineration Canon.

Child Emperor

  • One of the best utility units in the game.
  • Active gives decent shield to the entire team with a low cost of 2 anger and 1 CD. 
  • Active also gives an attack boost to the team or damage reduction. 
  • Chance of anger recovery upon any Active Skill being used, and can give an advantage in PvP (similar to Amai). 
  • Recovery at the end of each round is immensely useful for supporting the tanks in the front line.


  • Tons of DPS overall and can be a main dealer in a team.
  • Normal Skill deals column damage and allows to attack behind tanks.
  • Creates a strong shield which can buy couple rounds to heal up/charge anger. 
  • Deals extra damage to non-esper units which is most of the enemies. 
  • Upon 20 combos, deals massive AOE damage including a chance of burning and stun.


  • Best combo extender in the game. 
  • Adding 10 extra combos with only 5-combo requirement makes him a necessary unit in combo based teams such as Tatsumaki or Atomic Samurai.  
  • Active and Normal Skill both target the back to take out healers/support. 
  • Perries and self regenerates to increase survivability.
  • Has a chance to bond enemies immobile which is extremely useful in PvP, especially if it is successful against main DPS characters such as Metal Knight or Bang.

A Tier Explanations


  • A well rounded character with multiple uses. 
  • AOE Active that deals an equal damage to all characters making it useful against defeating clones. 
  • Machine Gun Blows (2nd talent) has an easy 5-combo activation and adds another 5-combos, making 10-combo talent requirements such as Metal Knight’s Destructive Bomb easy to activate. 
  • Upon death, deals an absurd amount of damage with a chance to cause burning. Due to this talent, suicide teams on PvP can utilize Genos to take out backline healers/support.

Metal Bat

  •  A heavy damage dealer with multiple chase skills in a row.
  • Active can wipe out the front line, and activate knockdown which leads to his other chase skills.
  • Anger consumed increases his ATK, therefore as rounds go on he gets exponentially stronger.

Tank Top Master

  • One of the best tanks in the game 
  • One of the best repulse chasers and causes an extra 3-combos, easily leading to other 5-combo requirement talents. 
  • Gives his own row an extremely strong shield at the beginning of a battle, which stacks and becomes even stronger with Amai.
  • Increases his own shield strength and has one of the highest DEF in the game, making him extremely tanky. 

Atomic Samurai

  • The best single target damage dealer. 
  • Active adds 12 combos and obliterates the opponent.
  • Killing enemies reduces his active CD and grants 2 anger, giving a huge advantage in PvP.
  • Upon 20 combo activation, deals 8 combos and a massive amount of single target damage.


  • The best tank to soak up damage.
  • Active does a decent amount of damage, and is effective in a 1v1 situation.
  • Whenever damaged, recovers a small amount of hp.
  • Upon death, revives with 5 cores and when they’re not destroyed by the round, Melzargard comes back, making him incredibly useful in PvP.

Lightening Max

  • A solid unit overall with a useful talent in PvP.
  • Active causes massive amount of damage to one enemy and has a chance to cause burning.
  • At the beginning of combat, increases damage output for the first row of enemies, making them much easier to kill.
  • When fighting against monsters, Max gains a strong shield.

B Tier Explanations


  • Comes in clutch in PvP, and can deal massive amount of damage. 
  • Active deals damage to 4 enemies and causes bleeding. 
  • Critical damage done gives shield to himself.
  • The more units get defeated on the team, Stinger’s CRI and CRD will go up significantly. 
  • Upon death, Stinger revives himself with little HP and attacks 4 random enemies, which is useful for finishing enemies off. (He can also work as a tank to absorb damage as he can not die in one round)

    Speed of Sound Sonic

    • Decent unit overall, but lacks unique abilities to make him shine
    • Multiple chase skills, meaning it's easy to get combos with decent damage output
    • Sonic won't die after receiving a critical hit (similar to Stinger)
    • Targets back row units, which is useful for taking out support characters in PvP


    • An effective AOE damage dealer that deals more damage under certain conditions.
    • Active deals fair damage to all enemies and causes 15 combos total, which triggers another AOE attack.
    • With more anger present, damage is increases significantly.
    • Potentially can steal up to 5 anger and deal extra damage, which can give an advantage in PvP.


    • A decent healer but gets heavily outclassed by Amai and Child Emperor.
    • Active recovers a huge amount of HP for 3 characters in the team.
    • Summons clones to soak up damage in the front line.
    • Randomly boost attacks for one teammate, and with 3 clones present, boosts the entire team’s attack.

    Puri Puri Prisoner

    • Perfect in the team of full human males, and with certain conditions deals huge amounts of damage.
    • Active deals fair amount of damage at a low anger, and causes 6 combos.
    • GIves shield to a random human male every round.
    • When a human male is lower than 30% HP, gives a fair amount of shield, and when this is triggered 3 times in total, PPP’s active becomes extremely strong.
    • PPP’s attack gets higher when there are more human males alive.

      Armored Gorilla

      • A decent tank but gets outclasses by TTM and Konbu.
      • Active takes time to charge, but will deal huge damage to one column and a chance to stun. 
      • Normal Skill has a chance to stun. 
      • Perries to increase survivability. 
      • Upon death, gives shield to the front row, and increases the chance of critical damage to all units.

      Carnage Kabuto

      • A decent tank but gets outclassed by TTM and Konbu. 
      • Active obtains taunt (directs attack to himself), increases his defense, and recovers health.
      • Adds 6 more combos upon 5 combos, but this role is usually filled by Genos.
      • Has a chance to reduce defense from Normal Skill, and Chase Skill. 
      • When receiving a critical hit, adds a small shield to himself.

      Blue Fire

      • An effective burning unit, with consistent DPS.
      • Active takes time to charge, but will deal huge damage to one column and a chance to burn
      • Normal Skill has a chance to burn.
      • Upon 10 combo activation, attacks the front row with a chance of burn. 
      • When attacking a burning enemy, has a higher chance of a critical damage. 
      • The more burning enemies present, Blue Fire deals more damage at the end of each round.

      Spring Mustachio

      • Heavily outclasses by Bang, but can be useful under certain circumstances. 
      • Active takes time to charge, but deals the highest % of attack in the game (560% when maxed out) to one column.
      • Chance to cause bleeding. 
      • Perries to increase survivability, and has a chance to counter attack to disrupt combos. 
      • Additional benefits when used with Golden Ball.


      • An effective front line poisoner and useful when fighting against heroes. 
      • Has a chance to poison with Active, Normal Skill, and when attacked. 
      • Self regenerates every round to increase survivability. 
      • All enemy heroes receive more damage as long as Groribas is alive.

      Mosquito Girl

      • Powerful when transformed, and a solid DPS overall. 
      • Can cause poisoning with Active and Normal Skill.
      • Recovers a part of the damage she deals.
      • Regenerates HP every round to increase survivability. 
      • When transformed, all her traits become stronger.

      C Tier Explanations

      Wild Monkey

      • An alternate version of Kabuto, but gets outclassed by other tanks. 
      • Active obtains taunt and increases his own defense.
      • Perries to increase survivability. 
      • Gives shield to the lowest HP unit. 
      • Increases defense for the whole team for 2 rounds at the beginning of combat.


      • Couple useful talents but with luck involved. 
      • Has a chance to release Normal Skill multiple times. 
      • At the beginning of combat, has a chance to reduce all enemy attack for 2 rounds.


      • Critical damage dealer, but gets outclassed by Geryuganshoop. 
      • Active takes time to charge and deals low damage but causes 15 combos. 
      • Upon 20 combos, deals damage to 3 random enemies. 
      • Higher damage output against a bleeding enemy but doesn’t cause bleeding himself.
      • Additional benefits when used with Spring Mustachio.


      • Useful for his perry, but gets outclassed by almost everyone else. 
      • Active deals decent single target damage, and all his attacks have a chance to cause paralysis.


      • Effective unit with bleeding attack, but has mediocre talents. 
      • Active deals hugh damage to one target. 
      • Causes bleeding, and when attacking a bleeding enemy, his critical damage increases. 
      • Upon 10 combos, attacks the front row with potentially 9 additional combos.

      Deep Seaking

      • Deals poison damage, but has mediocre talents. 
      • Active is useful for getting combos, and upon 5 combos, attacks 3 random enemies for small damage and a chance to poison. 
      • Self regenerates to increase survivability.

      Vaccine Man

      • With a long charge time and with tons of anger consumption, desl massive AOE damage.
      • Chance to add anger
      • Increased damage against humans

      Smile Man

      • Reduces defense and changes normal attack against defense reduced enemies, but heavily outclassed by Metal Bat.

      Mumen Rider

      • Only useful for his beginning of the combat attack increase to the team, and upon death increases the team’s attack once more by a larger amount.


      • Only useful for the talent “Evil Hater” which increases heroes attack permanently when Bun Bun Man dies.

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