Over $2 Million Spent on Call of Duty: Mobile in the first 36 Hours

COD Mobile Image
  • Over $2 million has been spent on Call of Duty: Mobile according to Sensor Tower
  • The game launched on October 1, 2019 and already has 20 million downloads

After a rocky start yesterday, Call of Duty: Mobile has come out of the gates with a flash bang. According to a recent tweet by Sensor Tower, a mobile tracking analytical firm, the game has generated over $2 million and has over 20 million downloads across Google and iOS platforms worldwide. 

The game is free to download and free to play, with revenue coming from microtransactions in the game mostly for superficial skins to customize your character and weapons. For a free to play game to reach $2 million in revenue in the first 36 hours is pretty impressive and speaks to the volume and scope of the Call of Duty fanbase. This is also despite a problem on launch with players not being able to get into the game for a good part of the first day. For more information about gameplay and setting up game controls, check out our article below. 


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