Passive Tapper Crab War Going Strong with a Halloween Invasion

Crab War
  • Crab War (by Appxplore) has a new Halloween event coming
  • This idle clicker is a quick and easy game that keeps going when you’re offline and offers enjoyable gameplay

The Brittish… err… I mean… the Brachyura Dentata are coming!

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out Crab War, you should get on that. This idle clicker action game by Appxplore has held my passive attention since July when it initially released.

Now, it isn’t a gacha game. It doesn’t help you geolocate dinosaurs or pokemon in your area, but what it does well is keeps you entertained in short or long bursts whenever you’ve got some downtime. You can check out my initial thoughts on the game below and a video of what the gameplay looks like:

The story so far is – reptiles have forced the crustaceous hordes into the sea, but the crab army is ready to fight back. With new shells covered in diamonds and various metals, you can blast back at the reptilian overlords and make them pay for their evil deeds. But now, some horrifying carnivorous crustacean – the Brachyura Dentata has crawled into the scene with far too many eyes, sharp teeth, and an insatiable thirst for blood.

There’s custom crab skins (or shells maybe) to celebrate the Halloween festivities (such as Jason masks, Clown paint, and more) and a bunch of various sales – plus we may actually be giving away some free gems in an upcoming newsletter – so stay tuned for that.

All in all, this simple and quick game is a great distraction if you’re mad at your gacha pulls or finished your dailies. So be sure to check it out at the links below on iOS and Android.

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