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11/18/2019 - 22:10
@Pokegod2006 wrote: So I have a Salamence I want to use in pvp, but I don’t know if it is good or not. Is it a good idea to use Salamence in master league? Posts: 2 Participants…
11/18/2019 - 20:44
@Pokegod2006 wrote: So everyone knows that mewtwo is the god of PvE. But what about PvP? Well… I don’t know. Posts: 6 Participants: 3 Read full topic
11/18/2019 - 20:14
@FandangoGhandi wrote: In the past week, my Gym Points on two of the new Gyms in the area have suddenly changed, to the point where on one of the Gyms I’ve gotten the First Spin notice for the same gym twice within…
11/18/2019 - 14:08
@DavidHume wrote: Has anyone seen a Koffing nest, or suspected one? I’m aware that he’s still listed on this site as non-nesting, along with Grimer. The Silph Road also doesn’t present him as an option for nest…
11/18/2019 - 10:47
@Slapdangle_Dinglybat wrote: I recently got my hands on a wild Gabite, L15, 10 15 15. My best Gible so far is L20, 13 10 10. Which should I go for? Or wait for a good one? I’ve never seen a wild Gible, and the few…