Adventure Sync Nearby Feature Deployed Worldwide, Trainer Battle Timer Extended

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New Feature Arriving

On August 27th, 2019, Niantic officially deployed the Adventure Sync: Nearby feature worldwide. The feature was only previously accessible in Australia and New Zealand. 

For many players, this feature is just an Unown and Gible notification system, which is welcomed but not entirely useful. This feature will become important on September 16th, when the new generation of Pokemon, Gen 5(Unova), arrive in the game. 

New Trainer Battle Info

Also announced today was the addition of 30 additional seconds to the Trainer Battle time limit. 

The limit was previously set to 4 minutes, leaving the timer now at 4:30, or 270 seconds total.

The game does not display the timer during battle until there are 15 seconds left in the battle. 

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