Adventure Sync Update Allows Players to Receive Push Notification for Undiscovered Pokemon

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Article by David Teraoka
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New Adventure Sync Feature

On August 15th, 2019, players in Australia and New Zealand began to notice a new feature enabled in Adventure Sync. 

A notification sent to players in those areas stated that new Pokemon can be detected through Adventure Sync!

Clicking the "Turn it on!" button sends you to the notification screen, where the option "Adventure Sync: Nearby" should be available.

At the time of publication, this feature is only available to players in Australia and New Zealand. No word on when other areas will receive the update. 

Remember that this feature only works for Pokemon you have not ever encountered before, and you can't pick and choose which Pokemon it detects. For many players, this feature is basically "Find Gible & Unown". 

However, Gen 5 might be releasing soon, if the latest blog post is anything to go by. Check out our hint summary articles below. 

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