Is Aggron as Bad as Blissey?


The auto-selector is one of the greatest mysteries of Pokemon GO, often selecting counter-intuitive Pokemon for gym battles and raids. The Pokemon selected are thought to maximize survival time in the fight, which is evidenced by Blissey being its favorite pick. It also appears to favor resistance to the charge attack of the defending Pokemon, selecting Cloyster for Blizzard Kyogre and Aggron for Dragon and Psychic-type attacking [email protected]

While the inadequacy of Blissey has lead to social movements to inform the public of her disastrous performance, little action has been taken against Aggron. Is it because we have evolved as trainers, and our power is now great enough that a highly inefficient Pokemon cannot stop us? Or is Aggron not really an issue to begin with? Using GoBattleSim, we may have uncovered the truth behind Aggron.

Number of Trainers Needed for Victory

Tier 5 raid bosses have 12500 HP that your team has to remove within 300 seconds. This suggests you need to collectively deal 41.67 damage per second (DPS) to be victorious. Considering lag and loading in a second team, it may be more reasonable to shoot for 46.3 DPS.

# of Trainers DPS Per Trainer Pokemon at level 30 DPS vs. Latios DPS vs. Latias
7 6.61 Aggron(DT/HS) 10.11 8.83
6 7.72 Aggron(IT/Th) 7.60 6.64
5 9.26 Dragonite 17.58 15.10
4 11.57 Rayquaza 18.76 16.30
3 15.43 Tryranitar 14.84 12.82
2 23.14 Cloyster 11.61 10.14
1 46.30 Blissey 7.90 6.10

Given that Aggron’s DPS at level 30 is 10.11 and 8.83 against Latios and Latias, 5 and 6 trainers should be able to defeat Latios and Latias respectively, using all Aggron. If all trainers are using Thunder Aggron, you’ll need 1 more trainer in each situation. Looking at Blissey’s performance, you’d need 7 and 8 trainers -and that’s assuming they’re not carrying Psychic-type attacks.

This suggests that even with Aggron’s worst moveset, it is still a cut above the pink behemoth. If Aggron trainers are mindful to use Dragon Tail and any charge move other than Thunder, its performance is well above Blissey’s. While the argument could end here, Aggron use still holds teams back from lower party clears. While we can’t control how other people play, how much could our performance change the outcome?

Carrying the Team

Those upset about Aggron usually aren’t using Aggron themselves. While Aggron’s performance just meets the average needed for success, more powerful Pokemon can lower the bar. For example, to defeat Latios with 5 trainers, each trainer would need 9.26 DPS, but what if one of those 5 had a team of level 30 Dragonite -a Pokemon with nearly twice the DPS required?

# of Trainers DPS Per Trainer One Level 30 Dragonite Trainer vs Latios One Level 40 Dragonite Trainer vs Latios One Level 30 Dragonite Trainer vs Latias One Level 40 Dragonite Trainer vs Latias
7 6.61 4.786 4.55 5.199 5.00
6 7.72 5.74 5.46 6.24 6.00
5 9.26 7.18 6.82 7.79 7.50
4 11.57 9.57 9.10 10.40 10.00
3 15.43 14.36 13.65 15.60 15.00
2 23.14 28.716 27.30 31.20 30.00

Given that a level 30 Dragonite’s DPS is nearly double that of level 30 Aggron (17.58 and 15.1 to 10.11 and 8.83 against Latios and Latias respectively), one dragon tamer is worth nearly two Aggron trainers. The inclusion of one Dragonite team would enable Latios to be defeated by 4 trainers, even if the remaining 3 trainers exclusively used Aggron. For Latias, it would enable her to be defeated by 5 trainers.

If you are the Dragon-type master mentioned above, you should be able to carry parties of 6 or more with impunity. If the other players in your area are unyielding with their Aggron use, you may even be rewarded with extra bonus balls for your damage! Given that you need 20% total damage contributed to reach the 3 damage bonus ball reward tier, and that a team of 6 level 40 Rayquaza will only reach 19.56% and 17.52% on average vs Latios and Latias, the low DPS of Aggron users could help drag the fight on long enough for this personal victory.

Leading the Team

While it is tempting to explain to your fellow raiders the drawbacks of using Aggron, depending on how you approach the situation you may leave with more enemies than friends. In a group of trainers, trying to establish that Aggron shouldn’t be used because it’s “bad like Blissey” may elicit responses about how they’ve used Aggron for Rayquaza and Latios with no problems. You may even face challengers who swear that Aggron deals the most damage out of any Pokemon they own given how long it lasts in battle.

In general, unless asked for team advice, it’s usually best to not push it on others. If you end up winning the raid, then there wasn’t anything to worry about. If your group times out, bring up how Dragonite and Rayquaza can help beat the clock, even at level 20, but try not to condemn anyone for their picks. If members are dead set on using Aggron, mention that using a Fast TM to get Dragon Tail will make their hits super effective. Just be careful with how you treat players using weaker Pokemon; a person’s pride is likely more important to them than a raid boss.

If you fail the raid and the egg disappears, consider where you went wrong before blaming others. Perhaps you could have used Dragonites or Rayquaza’s instead of Tyranitars to help your personal DPS. Maybe you could have powered up your Dragon-types to their next breakpoint insteading of winging it with less. When re-entering the raid, perhaps you didn’t have a preset battle party. Even if you entered with 2 preset squads of maxed out Rayquaza, you still chose to enter a low party raid with trainers you’re unfamiliar with and should accept the consequences. At the end of the day, it’s maybe $1 and roughly 10 minutes time that you chose to gamble.


Overall, Aggron isn’t bad, or at least it isn’t Blissey bad. Against Latios and Latias, 1 trainer using all Aggron is significantly more valuable than 1 using Blissey. Aggron definitely isn’t the best Pokemon to ever exist in GO, but it would still contribute to a 4-5 trainer clear (where optimized Blisseys struggle with 5-7). Perhaps this is why Aggron hasn’t received nearly the same community response as Blissey had. That said, 1 Dragonite trainer is worth roughly 2 Aggron masters. However, if 4-5 trainers are needed to clear the raid in the first place, then the need for all trainers to use Pokemon other than Aggron doesn’t look very pressing.

If trainers using Aggron is a real issue for you in your region, reflect on times where you had tried to convince players to not use Aggron. What situations went poorly and how could you modify your approach next time? Overall, it may be best to not raid with very small groups of strangers in the first place if you’re worried about wasting your time and a raid pass. Remember that with risk, there is also failure -and that it’s also just a free to play mobile app game.