Armored Mewtwo Sprites, Stats, and Moves Added to Pokemon GO

  • Armored Mewtwo will know Confusion or Iron Tail as a fast move
  • Rock Slide, Dynamic Punch, Earthquake, and Future Sight as a charged move
  • 214 HP, 182 ATK, 278 DEF

On July 9, 2019, Armored Mewtwo's data was retrieved from the game files. Dataminer @Chrales shared the graphics associated with Armored Mewtwo, as well as new avatar items that will be arriving.

In addition, Redditor u/AgentSQL found Armored Mewtwo's moves and stats. 

quick_moves: CONFUSION_FAST

quick_moves: IRON_TAIL_FAST

cinematic_moves: ROCK_SLIDE

cinematic_moves: DYNAMIC_PUNCH

cinematic_moves: EARTHQUAKE

cinematic_moves: FUTURESIGHT

stats {

base_stamina: 214

base_attack: 182

base_defense: 278 }

These stats and moves are very different from the Mewtwo we have seen in the past. Armored Mewtwo isn't expected to be a raid-viable Pokemon. Its type hasn't changed, so Psychic-type counters are still recommended.