Azumarill Great League IV Deep Dive

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Love it or hate it, Azumarill is still the #1 Pokemon in the Great League. Given that we’re in a Marill event period from April 9th to the 16th (with Marill Day on the 12th), there are now plenty of opportunities to upgrade your Azumarill’s IV spreads. For example, if your Azumarill is bouncing around with less than 128 DEF, you could be taking over twice the amount of damage from Altaria than you ought to be. Trying to map out how much of each stat you need to optimize your Azumarill can be a massive headache. Fortunately, the guide below spells it all out for you! 

Azumarill Basics

  • 2 moving a level 25 Azumarill and powering to 40 costs as much as 2 moving a level 20 Azurill and powering up. Don’t let the Baby discount fool you out of dust!
    • Level 20-40 + 10k: 235k
    • Level 25-40 + 50k: 244k
    • Level 30-40 + 50k: 200k
    • Level 35-40 + 50k: 138k
  • Play Rough allows Azumarill to overcome the mirror match.
  • Ice Beam is Azumarill’s lowest energy cost move and gives Grass coverage.
  • Hydro Pump is Azumarill’s most powerful attack.
  • Bubble is the only Fast Move Azumarill should be using

The Rank 1

The Rank 1 refers to the iteration of a Pokemon with the highest possible stat product (combination of ATK/DEF/HP). The Rank 1 is typically seen as the gold standard for optimization and anything less may leave you vulnerable to the unknown. While this guide will take you through more optimized IV spreads for specific matchups, it is well worth it to hold onto an Azumarill with these IV spreads:

Rank 1 lvl 40 Rank 1 lvl 41 Rank 2 lvl 41
Atk IV (true ATK) 8 (94.8) 7 (94.6) 7 (94.6)
Def IV (true DEF) 15 (131.9) 15 (132.8) 14 (132)
HP IV (true HP) 15 (189) 13 (189) 14 (190)
Stat Product 2366 2376 2374

n general, the Rank 1 lvl 40 is superior to the Rank 1 lvl 41 as its higher ATK gives it Charge Move Priority (CMP) in the mirror match and the 0.9 gain in DEF doesn’t appear to influence any relevant matchups. Alternatively, the Rank 2 lvl 41 boasts 1 higher HP, which can be decisive in both straight and uneven matchups. For example, 190 HP Azumarill have more opportunities to tie with the Azumarill Slayer stat spread (mentioned later in the article) where the 189 HP variants would just lose. 

If you’re curious what Rank your Azumarill or any Pokemon comes out to, check out the calculator on GO: StadiumKeep in mind that a Rank 1 isn’t always the best of the bunch; something that is highlighted throughout this article.  

The Bastiodon Slayer

While it is common knowledge that having Hydro Pump on Azumarill allows it to beat Bastiodon, few are aware that specific IV spreads will enable non-Hydro Pump Azumarill to get the win. Bubble has an ATK breakpoint on the Rank 1 Bastiodon at 95.3 (95.51 for the Rank 1 lvl 41), and Azumarill has a DEF breakpoint for Smack Down at 130.68. Higher ATK Bastiodon can overshoot this breakpoint, but in doing so they end up fairing worse against Azumarill overall. 

The combination of this ATK and DEF allows Azumarill to defeat Bastiodon in the 1-1 and 2-2 scenario without Hydro Pump.

Data Source: PvPoke

Hydro Pump Azumarill will also want these spreads, as with them it can now defeat Bastiodon in the 0-1 and 1-2 shield scenarios straight Hydro Pump. Hydro Pump Azumarill will also have a more telling victory in the 1-1, as without the breakpoints a Rank 1 Azumarill would be left with 36 HP opposed to 102. 

Data Source: PvPoke

Which IV spreads should you be on the lookout for? Well, there are a lot. It comes down to how much HP you’re willing to give up to make the ATK and DEF checks. To narrow down your choices, Registeel (the other Steel-type titan of the Great League) has an HP check around 187 (any less, and a non-Hydro Pump Azumarill will lose the 2-2).

Data Source: PvPoke

That said, a higher ATK stat can always be nice to get CMP in the Azumarill mirror. 

Bast lvl 39.5 Bast lvl 39.5 Bast/Regi lvl 40 Bast/Regi lvl 41
Atk IV (true ATK 10 (96) 10 (96) 9 (95.6) 8 (95.4)
Def IV (True DEF 14 (130.7) 15 (131.5) 14 (131.1) 13 (131.2)
HP IV (true HP) 12 (186) 10 (185) 12 (187) 12 (188)
Stat Product 2336 2337 2346 2354
Rank 23 21 7 “3”

Going from Right to Left on the chart above, Azumarill becomes less optimized to fight Bastiodon and Registeel in order to gain more potential in the mirror match. The lvl 39.5 variants cannot even tolerate Registeel in the 2 shield scenario unless they have Hydro Pump. Why highlight them? Well, raid/research/hatch Azumarill have an IV floor of 10/10/10, so obtaining one of them may be more likely than an Azumarill with 9 or 8 in their IV values. It’s important in PvP to not let “better” IV spreads paralyze you from using good Pokemon. 

Note: Other IV spreads can work as well! For example, the Rank 6 (9/15/11) is effectively a 1 less HP version of the Rank 7. The Rank 9 (10/15/14) has a slightly higher ATK than the Rank 7.

Note: Remember, a hatched Azurill is still more expensive to 2 move and power up than a level 25+ Marill/Azumarill. Don’t let the baby discount fool you out of dust and better IV spreads!

The Azumarill Slayer

Given Azumarill’s power, it is more likely that you’ll find yourself in the Azumarill mirror matchup than in the Bastiodon one. While having a higher ATK stat will tip CMP in your favor, dropping your DEF below 128 can be costly. For example, the 10/10/14 Azumarill Slayer can get a breakpoint on its Play Rough against sub-128 DEF Azumarill, allowing it to finesse more wins despite losing CMP. In that same vein, dropping your HP too low can be as deadly. 

So which IV spread is optimal for taking out other Azumarill? Here are 2 hot ones: 

Azu/Regi lvl 40 Azu/Regi lvl 40.5
Atk IV (true ATK) 10 (96.4) 9 (95.9)
Def IV (true DEF) 10 (128) 10 (128.4)
HP IV (true HP) 14 (188) 15 (190)
Stat Product 2321 2341
Rank 75 15

The Rank 75 is the truest Azumarill slayer of the lot. The 96.4 ATK stat allows it to go above most Azumarill without sacrificing the 128 DEF and 188 HP stats that are important for the mirror and general utility. For example, going higher on ATK can allow an Azumarill to get CMP on this Azumarill, but the cost to either DEF or HP will give all Azumarill more plays over it. Consider, if both Azumarill are getting the Play Rough breakpoint, but one has lower HP, who will win more often?

The utility of high HP in the mirror match is made most salient with the lvl 40.5 Azumarill. If you ran basic simulations on PvPoke, you’d find this Azumarill losing to the Rank 75. However, PvPoke’s basic simulations are completely even: both are throwing and shielding the same attacks at the same time. If you play with the “sandbox” feature, you’ll find that a single hitpoint or two can be critical when Ice Beams are landing and Play Roughs are being shielded. While this author didn’t go over the 256+ different permutations, they did find the 190 HP being favorable not only in the Rank 75 matchup, but in other matchups as well. 

Note: To reach lvl 40.5, you’ll need to best buddy a lvl 39.5 Azumarill.


So what’s the best Azumarill? If you want to dominate Bastiodon, the best would likely be the lvl 41 8/13/12. If you don’t want to best buddy Azumarill, the 9/14/12 is about as good. If you only have raid/research/egg Azumarill to work with, then the 10/14/12 or the 10/15/10 will get the job done, but you’ll lose the HP needed to beat Registeel without Hydro Pump (hint: use Hydro Pump). If your goal is to turn the knife on another Azumarill, the 10/10/14 is likely your best bet, but if you want to get over complicated with it, the lvl 40.5 9/10/15 is technically “better.” 

With 4096 different Azumarill IV spreads out there, few trainers have the luxury of choosing 1 particular Azumarill over the other. Should you have any of the IV spreads featured in this article, that Azumarill will likely be your champion over others.

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