Celebi's Arrival and Its Place in the Meta

Celebi's Arrival and Its Place in the Meta


Celebi Quests have been found at Pokemon GO Fest 2018. The format suggests that Trainers will soon be able to obtain Celebi through Professor Willow in the same fashion they obtained Mew. We have Game Master data on Celebi’s available movesets, and soon everybody will be receiving their new Mythical Pokemon. Naturally in anticipation, people have been asking just how good Celebi is in Pokemon GO. Using simulation data from GoBattleSim and Pokebattler, we can get a pretty good idea of how the Onion Fairy stands up in the meta.

Base Stats

Base HP Base Attack Base Defense
200 210 210
  • Confusion is the fast move of choice, outperforming Charge Beam against most Water-type targets.
  • Dazzling Gleam is preferred over Psychic, offering more consistent and often higher damage, despite not having STAB.
  • Hyper Beam is a joke of a charge move and we sincerely hope it is replaced with a Grass-type charge move before Celebi’s worldwide release.
  • Celebi as a Psychic-Type

    Comparing Celebi to other Psychic-type Pokemon, it is a very solid all-a-rounder as it possesses decent DPS and more bulk than most Psychic-types. However, given that you will likely catch it at level 15, you may want to save your stardust and rare candy because more common Pokemon such as Espeon, Dragonite, and Gardevoir will accomplish the job better for less investment. As far as large stardust and rare candy investments go, Mewtwo and Lugia are much better picks for leveling. However, if Celebi is a favorite of yours, you will get decent use out of it as it has no glaring deficiency as far as Fighting-types go.

    Celebi as a Grass-Type

    Unfortunately, without a Grass-type charge move, Celebi cannot compare to other Grass-type Pokemon. However, given Niantic’s track record with last minute changes, if Celebi acquires one, it has the potential be one of the tankiest Grass-types in Pokemon GO as seen on the graph above. Before you get your hopes up, its inclusion may be a little too late given the recent release of Alolan Pokemon; Alolan Exeggutor’s double resistance to Water and Electric-type attacks allows it to out damage and outbulk Celebi. For this reason, if Celebi gains Grass-type attacks, its optimal use will likely be for specific matchups opposed to general use.

    Similarly, with Gen 4 being closer than ever, Tangela’s evolution Tangrowth is on track to eclipse Celebi as a tanky Grass-type Pokemon. Other Gen 4 Grass-types include Roselia’s evolved form, Roserade, another eeveelution, Leafeon, and another mythic with two different forms, Shaymin. All this competition creates uncertainty on Celebi’s long term viability and makes it a poor choice for long-term investment.


    Regardless of what happens, Celebi is coming! As far as its meta-relevancy is concerned, like Mew, Celebi will be more of a rare trophy rather than a powerful attacker. However, unlike Mew, Celebi can hold its own and actually contribute well to a Machamp solo. In the event there’s a Game Master change and Celebi gains access to powerful, Grass-type attacks, it could even be a solid Grass-type attacker as well. It will be interesting to see what takes place over the weekend and if any changes occur with Celebi’s movepool.