"A Challenging Development" Special Research Released

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A Challenging Development

Players living in parts of the globe where December has already rolled around are currently reporting that the first official month of Winter is bringing with it brand new Special Research.

Much like November's Special Research, "A Troubling Situation", December's special research is focused on Team GO Rocket, with a final goal of fighting the leader of the organization; Giovanni. It has already been confirmed that at least one stage of this special research is time gated with daily requirements to complete, meaning all of the stages have not yet been revealed, but Gamepress will have the complete guide on our Research Task List page as soon as it's made available.

Shadow Zapdos 

Leading up to this, many players speculated that Shadow Zapdos would be the final reward for defeating Giovanni for December, just as Articuno was the reward for November. Players that did not obtain Articuno last month are now reporting that the Thunder Pokemon has indeed replaced Articuno as the bird of the month.

We have also updated our Giovanni Strategy Guide to reflect the addition of Zapdos to his lineup, which should help you prepare to fight the Thunder Pokemon under the control of the leader of Team GO Rocket.

So are you excited for this new development? Do you want to catch Shadow Zapdos for yourself? Let us know down below!

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