Clamperl Special Research Day Was Awesome

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The Pokemon Go community (myself very much included) is quick to jump all over Niantic when things go wrong. We’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so, and even in the Clamperl Event there were technical issues and reasons to complain about the lack of notice. But that said, this was a generally perfect event. Let’s talk about why!

Rational Tasks

During Feebas Day, the tasks were difficult and/or tedious to complete. Clamperl was the opposite! Some of the tasks (Spin 2 stops) were completed in seconds, and the throw tasks were neither difficult nor time-consuming. Many of the quests were tied directly to the increased spawns like Krabby or Psyduck. And one of the best parts was that all the Clamperl you banked were useful! You could use those encounters for the throw tasks or to evolve after you caught enough.

Fun Spawns

During the Clamperl “fest” water spawns were substantially increased! While I initially expected to catch Chinchou or Barboach all day, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety. A huge number of different Water types were spawning, and second evolutions were fairly common. In addition, there were a good number of rare Pokemon like Lapras, Feralgatr, Blastoise, and Vaporeon reported locally! These spawns helped fuel the tasks while creating a unique, fun, and engaging experience.

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny!

Between the lower shiny rate and the time consuming tasks, many trainers were shut out during Feebas day. That was not the case for Clamperl. First of all, the quick and easy tasks gave trainers more shots to get their shiny. In addition, based on early anecdotal (unscientific) data the shiny rate seemed higher this time. Many players were able to go home happy

But the shiny hunt for this event extended beyond Clamperl. Did you miss out on Feebas last month? Well there were plenty of chances to find one on Clamperl day with boosted water spawns. In addition, trainers were able to hunt for Krabby, Psyduck, Luvdisc, Magikarp, Wailmer, Kabuto, Omanyte, and more!

Excellent Reward

Me personally? I delete shinies relatively soon after catching them and really don’t care about the Clamperl family outside of the dex entry. But this event still had something! Double stardust for water types sounded OK when it was initially announced, yet because of the increased spawns it became wonderful. The evolved forms only helped players add to their totals, and the banked Clamperl encounters was a great way to keep the dust coming while looking for more spawns/tasks. With the demands of the Tempest Cup & PokeDraft, extra resources are always welcomed.


This was one of my favorite events, likely only second to Go Fest. It had something for the collectors, the grinders, and was quite accessible to more casual players as well. Great job Niantic!!!! Let’s do it again soon!