Community Day August 2019 Guide

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Basic Info and Overview

  • Drastically increased spawns for the Pokemon Ralts (also potentially increased in Eggs)

  • The release of Shiny Ralts

    • Obtainable from catches, hatches, raids, and possibly Rocket Grunt Battles

    • An increased Shiny rate (roughly 1 in 24.5) during Community Day hours (shiny not available from Rocket Grunt Battles, if available)

  • Themed Field Research “Catch 3 Ralts” for balls, berries, and Stardust

  • 3-hour Lures

  • ¼ Egg Hatch Distance (only applies to Eggs Incubated after the start of Community Day)

  • All Kirlia evolved during Community Day hours learn the exclusive move Synchronoise

    • Charged TMs and learning a New Move will not give you this exclusive move

    • Must evolve a Kirlia during CD in your region (or up to an hour after)

    • Reminder : Only male Kirlia can Evolve into Gallade

    • Shadow Pokemon will not learn exclusive moves. Purified Pokemon may also be buggy if this event is the launch of Shadow Ralts. Evolve with caution.

Date Saturday, August 3rd
Time 4:00PM to 7:00PM in your local time zone. Exclusive move available till 8:00PM

Get Ready for Community Day Overview!

Don’t forget to also prepare for the real weather and everything that comes along with that. Keep your real bag fully upgraded and, depending on the weather, make sure to bring along a jacket, rain poncho, water, sunscreen, as well as lunch, snacks, water, medical necessities, battery packs, fully charged devices, comfortable shoes, other protective gear, and water again, for good measure. Community Day is a full 4 hours, so pace yourself and take breaks to not get burnt out.

Most importantly, keep it fun!

This guide will cover all of the in-game knowledge you’ll need to make the most out of Ralts Community Day.

Before the Event

  • Decide where to play

  • Get your items ready

  • Acquire Ralts and Ralts Candy (and Sinnoh Stones)

  • Set reminder alarms

During the Event

  • Check out key reminders for CD mechanics

  • Consider the analysis for CD sale box

  • Review additional ways to acquire Ralts (Ralts Raids, Eggs, and Rocket Battles)

  • Research the Exclusive Move analysis

  • Set goals accordingly

  • Know when to Pinap and which balls to use

After the Event

  • New Appraisal Tips!

  • Find a trading partner

  • Evolve your Pokemon

  • Start preparing for the next event!

Updates from New Zealand

This section will compile some notes from the users that experience Community Day first in New Zealand.

  1. All Eggs seem to be 10km Ralts eggs. Hatch these during CD for an increased shiny chance.
  2. No Ralts Rocket Grunt Battles. This is likely coming after Community Day.
  3. No extra battling rewards/ Sinnoh Stones. You're on your own. Hopefully you saved some.
  4. Ralts is appearing as a level 1 Raid Boss. Lasts the standard 45 minutes after an hour-long egg. Earliest hatch will be 5:00. Other Raids still appear.

Where to Play

Ralts spawns will be dramatically increased everywhere during the duration of this event. You aren’t required to play anywhere specifically, but here are some tips for getting the most out of the location you choose.

Time Travel

Since this event is 4-7PM based on local time, By playing near a timezone shift, players in some parts of the world can take advantage by starting an hour earlier or ending an hour later. Start East then make your way West sometime after the first hour. This shouldn’t affect most players but can be a nice bonus to players willing to travel a little more during CD. Remember to stay West as you evolve for the exclusive move.

Exploring the Community

Use Community Day, and Pokemon Go in general, as an excuse to explore local areas. If you’re blessed with multiple, good locations, make use of them throughout various Community Days!

Playing with Friends

Community Day should be about the community, both the area and your local PoGo Players. Get together with friends, find your local group using PokeNav, or be the first in your area to create a group. If you see other trainers in your gyms, that means there’s others out there playing! More trainers means more fun, and Lure Modules appear for all players, so you can all share the increased spawns. Returning and new players- ask around and figure out where established players are planning to play!

Gyms for Raids

Players should be focused on catching this CD, but playing near gyms may lead to easy raid completion before or after the event, while everyone is already out.

Clusters and Lures

If you want to catch the most Ralts, focus on cluster spawns in areas with lots of network traffic such as parking lots and apartment complexes and high Pokestop dense areas that can be easily Lured up.


Pursuing weather-boosted Ralts will grant you higher CP  Ralts so it’s advised to hunt in forecasted Cloudy or Windy areas. This comes with it decreased catch rates but is offset in Stardust gained and saved from catching weather boosted Pokemon. Pay attention to official weather reports as well as other trainers playing in different level 11 S2 cells (in-game weather boundaries).

Weather boosted Pokemon have an IV floor of 4/4/4. This means their IV spreads are more likely to be better for PvE, but likely impossible to have ideal IV for PvP.

Note About Nests

Since Swinub Community Day in February, nesting spawns stopped or are at least extremely dulled during CD hours. Every Community Day is slightly different in regards to spawn rates but it is worth noting that players can likely visit nests and not worry about diluted Ralts spawns.

Items to Bring

0-6 Incense

Having 6 Incense will let you crack open one every 30 minutes and make it last the entirety of the event. How many Incense you choose to use depends on availability, meta-relevancy, and rarity of the featured Pokemon. 25 Incense can be purchased in bulk for 1250 in the Shop (50 each) at any time for those looking at an alternative to various Legacy Special Boxes. 25 Incense is enough for 4 Community Days and an extra to spare.

Keep walking! Incense spawns more Pokémon while you’re moving! Even if you’re stuck at work where nothing spawns during the event window, popping some Incense could help you nab a shiny or two. Remember that “quick catching” your Incense spawns will still make them visible on the map after the catch.

Lure Modules

Lure modules placed during Community Day hours will last 3-hours long. Playing in an area with a lot of stops will allow you access to a lot more spawns too.

This Silph Road study concludes that the new specialized Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic lures double the amount of lured spawns, with half of the spawns coming from a specific list and half coming from the biome, which should be taken over during Community Day. Because of this, using a new, upgraded Lure Module quickly becomes worthwhile, during CD’s 3-hour lure bonus.

These lures can bring rarer catches including some evolved forms with bonus Stardust, but you may want to still focus on the feature Pokemon spawns with their limited window exclusive moveset and increased shiny chance.

If you don’t plan on purchasing Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic lures yourself, it may be smart to plan for when you do run into them. Select and rename desired Eevee, Nosepass, and Magneton so that you don’t detract from your time playing during Community Day to fumble through your Pokemon Collection.

PRO-TIP: Use a new Lure at 5:59. It will still last 3 hours and you can catch a few Pokemon while you evolve and trade Ralts. You won’t be able to lure anything Lured during Community Day, but there's usually a few unlured Pokestops, hopefully ones in air conditioning or with comfortable seating. This may not be possible in urban and extreme rural playing without a lot of communication.

0-1 Lucky Egg

Community Day can be a great time to coordinate Friendship level ups for both players to egg and receive double XP as it’s likely you’ll both be playing. Make sure to coordinate with your friends as it is usually easier to plan for level ups in the minutes before Community Day starts so that the actual event can be spent catching.

0 Star Piece

While some players do enjoy a Star Piece or 6 during Community Day, the upcoming Stardust bonuses from GO Fest Yokohama make saving your Star Piece a few days a much better idea.

Berries and Great/Ultra Balls

These tips may be even more relevant this Community Day, only 2 weeks after July’s Mudkip CD.

It’s always a good idea to stock up before CD. The themed research “Catch 3 Ralts” can be easily accomplished to help keep the Pokeballs flowing during the event. So it may not be necessary to stock up beforehand in all areas. Active Pokemon from Lures and Incense can also deplete your resources. Players low on resources should remember to always open 20 daily gifts and to upgrade item bag storage as soon as possible. It is an investment that quickly pays for itself, especially if you’re able to occasionally grind and stock up on items.

Should you be Incubating?

No. With multiple upcoming Stardust bonuses from GO Fest Yokohama, there’s no reason to blow through Incubators this Community Day.

You’ll certainly want to keep an egg in your infinite orange incubator throughout the event, but don’t be tempted by the ¼ hatch distance. For many players, this is not a bonus at all.

Though you’ll hatch eggs faster, this bonus will not allow you to hatch more eggs. If you’re low on Incubators, this is basically an irrelevant bonus.

In the same way that we view Incubators and Super Incubators the same in price analysis on the legacy special box list, 1/4 hatch distance doesn’t really improve what you’re hatching. 

If you’re currently batch hatching, feel free to keep doing so, and do so throughout Community Day, if you please. If you’re not batch hatching now, there’s 0 reason to start during CD. It's not crazy to start incubating but this event shouldn't be considered as a factor as it wont give you extra candy, dust that it wouldn't outside of the event. Reasons to not hatch includes saving incubators for future, events, future Pokemon and shiny releases, as well as not wanting to bother with hatch animations during CD.

While the last point is certainly valid during Community Day, you should still keep an egg in your infinite orange incubator at all times. The 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance bonus actually does allow your orange incubator to hatch more eggs, since it has unlimited uses. Though mitigated with this bonus, 7km eggs in your orange incubator should still be avoided. Two more things to consider;

  • Only incubations started during CD will have reduced distance

  • Reduced distance remains in effect after the event ends

Avoid incubating as the Community Day hours approach (based on your level of activity) so you’re not left with half-baked eggs. It can be quicker to wait a few hours instead if you’re not playing or walking in the time leading up to Community Day.

Acquiring Ralts, Ralts Candy, and Sinnoh Stones

Ralts is currently unavailable in research. It is an uncommon wild spawn except when Cloudy (and possibly Windy) weather boosted. It is not a nesting species.

Ralts is available through hatching 10km Eggs, though Team Go Rocket is currently messing with that egg pool, potentially making it harder to hatch Ralts currently.

Kirlia is available through level 2 raids, an easy solo. Caught Kirlia will be level 20 with a CP range of 508-552. Weather boosted (cloudy/windy) Kirlia raids will be level 25 with a CP range of 635-690.

Any previous Ralts/Kirlia obtained with undesirable IVs should be traded at least for candy and to reroll IVs, preferably with a Best Friend. Using a Lucky Trade is also a good idea for players with limited CD time. Additional Ralts candy can be earned prior to the event by making Ralts your Buddy Pokemon, and by making Ralts a Gym Defender and stuffing it full of berries! If you have limited time to play this CD and are close to the candy needed for another evolution, these tips can put you over the threshold for evolving another Ralts for the exclusive moveset.

Ralts is 50% male and 50% female with no differences in appearance between the two.

Male Pokemon can be searched for and have the following gender indicator;

Stockpiling Sinnoh Stones

Since no Sinnoh Stone-related announcements have been made, it's best to start trying to earn them today! Players can earn rewards from their first 3 daily PvP battles as well as their first daily team leader training. If you're low on stones, complete all 4 of these battles in the days leading up to Community Day.

During Swinub Community Day this February, Niantic gave players the ability to earn additional Sinnoh Stones during Community Day weekend. As Kirlia has a branching evolution into Gallade requiring a Sinnoh Stone, it’s likely we see a return of a similar mechanic this weekend. Note: Only male Kirlia can evolve into Gallade.

Firstly, make sure you have extra bag space to receive your battle rewards and a good GPS connection (a good tip for all things CD).

During the day of Community Day, trainers could receive 5 rewards from training against team leaders and 5 rewards for PvPing another trainer (up from 1, 3) all guaranteed to be Sinnoh Stones.

Players could also earn additional rewards throughout the weekend in PvP and training, though this is because the CD was divided into Saturday and Sunday, depending on your region. Additional rewards this CD may be linked just to August 3rd or may not happen at all.

Before Community Day Starts

Here are a few other things to keep in mind right before Community Day starts for making the most of the granted bonuses.

  • Consider not incubating. If Community Day is about to start, hold off incubating to make use of the ¼ egg hatch distance. Incubating them earlier can actually mean it takes longer to walk them.

  • Existing spawns can change to Ralts. Clicking on Pokemon to catch or even just to shiny check will prevent them from turning into Ralts. It’s fine to check for shinies you don’t yet have, but you might as well just catch the Pokemon at that point too. If you want to catch the most Ralts, avoid clicking on spawns as Community Day is about to begin.

  • You can only complete research from each stop once daily.  If you complete a task at a given stop, you cannot receive the “Catch 3” task from that stop during Community Day. Occasionally, receiving the task from a stop will lock it into its non-CD task.

Now, with those in mind, there is still room for choice. If you’ll be playing all Community Day then you might not care about one spawn point here and there, and catching weather boosted Machop or shiny checking a Wailmer may be worth it to you.

Use this time before the event starts to prep; spin stops, transfer Pokemon, open gifts (and level up friendships), Raid, check-in, and obtain/give out Meltan boxes.

Set Alarms for Items and Evolving

Before the event, consider setting an alarm on your phone for various CD intervals to remind yourself to reapply premium items if you’re using them. There’s a lot to keep track of during Community Day between quick catching, shiny checking, appraising, and talking and catching up with friends! Setting some alerts the night before could potentially earn you thousands of Stardust you’d lose out on if you forgot to break a Star Piece.


During Community Day, Research Tasks are changed to “Catch 3 Ralts” with the following rewards;

  • 500 Stardust.

  • 2 Ultra Balls.

  • 5 Great Balls.

  • 2 Pinap Berries.

This allows you to not stress about Research during the event and concentrate on catching. It also means that Trainers can rest easy knowing that Community Day itself will help provide them with additional Pinaps, Ultra Balls, and Great Balls! There are a few additional things to keep in mind as far as how this functioned last Community Day;

  • Research from each stop can only be completed once each day. If you complete a task at a given stop, you cannot receive the “Catch 3 Ralts” task from that stop.

  • Tasks revert to their pre-CD tasks when CD is over but you cannot receive research from Stops where you completed “Catch 3 Ralts” or the original research.

  • Because of this, you may decide to skip over stops during CD that you know give desirable research (from Discord, Facebook, etc.) or complete them before CD starts.

  • Many players may do the opposite, choosing not to complete Research in areas they know they will be during CD for easy rewards.

  • Check to see if you have completed the Research Task of a given Pokestop by the indicator in the top right corner of a Pokestop

Ralts Raids, Eggs, and Rocket Battles

A few alternative ways to acquire Ralts may be new features to this month's Community Day.

Ralts will appear within Raid Battles during Community Day for players wishing to purchase opportunities to acquire high IV Ralts with a high chance of being shiny. For most players, the time spent in a Raid lobby and battle will make this a waste of time, though the appeal of high IV shinies is obvious. Ralts will likely be a level 1 raid, potentially with decreased lobby timers. It's an easy solo and the top counters are Steel, Poison, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon, though any strong Pokemon will do.

Niantic has also tweeted saying that Ralts will appear in eggs during CD. While there is no mentioned of increased rates, this being mentioned at all points in that direction. Larvitar and possibly Beldum, other 10km Egg hatches, also had their hatch rates increased during their respective CDs, though the data on this is limited. Rural players and those wanting more high IV Ralts could definitely make use of this feature by spending some Incubators this CD- BUT it is unknown weather or not Ralts hatches will be more common. If they are, only eggs obtained during Community Day will hatch Ralts more frequently. Only Ralts hatched during Community Day will have an increased shiny rate. Egg contents are determined when an egg enters your inventory except for shininess which has increased rates during those 3 hours only. This means even a hatch at 7:01 should have a traditional, unboosted shiny rate.

If Ralts Rocket Grunt Battles are implemented, first and foremost, be wary of evolving to secure Synchronize. As a new feature, this is ripe for bugs. Shadow Pokemon won't learn the move. We can cross our fingers that Purified Pokemon can. Kirlia with an additional move unlocked may further complicate this. Add in the rolling timezone event and things get even stranger.

While we won't know the Rocket Grunt line-ups and best ways to tackle this until the battles are live, we can guess that Ralts will be joined by other Psychic Pokemon like Drowzee, Hypno, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade, and other Ralts. A strong Steel-type Pokemon is a great asset against these teams. Dark Tyranitar should fair well. Shadow Ball Mewtwo can also work well.

Shadow Pokemon currently cannot be shiny. This makes using your Community Day time fighting Rocket Grunts particularly silly. Ralts should stick around in Rocket Battles after CD as well, meaning it might be best to fight them then. Though if there's a Grunt blocking a stop that you keep wanting to spin, it might be best to put them in their place.

What's in the Box?

Legacy Community Day Special Boxes have held a variety of supplies and are available shortly before the start of Community Day. A list of previous and current sales can be found on our Legacy Special Box List(as well as cost analysis breakdowns). June Community Day introduced Great and Ultra Boxes, amazing deals for an extremely limited time- but not all sales are created equal. This section will include a more thorough breakdown upon release of the Special Boxes in the Shop. Expect these boxes to appear around 4 PM Friday EST before CD. An analysis will be posted below when available and should disappear shortly after the last region's Community Day.

If there are no pre-existing boxes in the shop, expect 1-3 CD boxes. If there’s already a set of boxes in the shop, expect 0-1 new CD boxes.

4 Incubators for 480 coins means this box is a 20% discount. This is equivalent to the current Special Box though obviously pales in comparison to the 18 Incubators offered in the Adventure Box. You could buy it if you really want to try and hatch more Ralts during CD, though your resources are much better spent if you hold out here.

Meta Analysis : Synchronoise

Neither Gallade nor Gardevoir have excelled as a Psychic attacker yet. Synchronoise seems likely it may be a push for the pair to truly stand out (though it may be suited more for PvP too). Should the move be on the level of other CD moves like Frenzy Plant, the pair could be the new highest anti-Fighting DPS not including Deoxys. It's likely they will still have less TDO than the legendary Moltres and Mewtwo.

Both evolutions have the exact same stats. Because of their unique typing, Gardevoir will have better matchups against Fighting Pokemon, while Gallade will have better matchups against Poison Pokemon. For CD purposes, they're about equally important, though Gardevoir will have a more niche use as a Fairy-type attacker, so it could be a better use of resources. Gallade is significantly outclassed as a Fighting-type Pokemon because of horrible available moves. It's close to Primape than Machamp.

Don't let Gallade's reputation discourage you though. Despite being a worse Machamp counter, it could certainly have a use in the future and is worth spending a Sinnoh Stone on if Synchronoise is good, though Gardevoir will have more immediate practical uses.

We'll update this space with any new information, but know that any datamined information has a history of changing as Community Day approaches.

August 2nd Datamined Synchronoise stats (possible to change) against a Fighting Pokemon

Our first round of Synchronoise stats is uneventful. The move is a small upgrade to Psychic to be sure, but small enough that it's basically Future Sight with 2-bar flexibility. As shown in the chart above, that's not enough that its stronger than an unboosted Dazzling Gleam. This is not going to change Gardevoir's place in the meta, though it may make it a slightly higher Pokedraft pick as in Windy weather this is at least an improvement over DG.

For Gallade, a Pokemon with much worse moves, this change is much more noticeable. It will still lack the relative bulk against Fighting-types, but Synchronioise will be a welcome buff to the Sinnoh Stone evolution. 

Gardevoir and Gallade in PvP

Synchronoise is a definite upgrade for Gardevoir. This move is now its cheapest charge move, which was lacking on the frail Pokemon. Use it for added versatility and occasional shield baits for Shadow Ball.

Gallade could also probably make use of the move though Confusion users don't really need a Psychic-type charge move too (but Charm users might). Leaf Blade will still be Gallade's go to charge move, with Close Combat generally being the more useful option for overall coverage as a 2nd charge move.

Look for PvP-ready CPs

Finding Pokemon that can be evolved to be near the CP-cap in PvP leagues can save a lot of Stardust. Before evolving, consult a CP/IV calculator to confirm your Ralts will stay below the CP thresholds. Looking for Ralts with CP around or below these thresholds can be great for trainers interested in PvP with limited resources;

For Great League, look for Ralts with CP 211-256 and below. Kirlia will have 418-462 CP in this range.

For Ultra League, look for Ralts with CP 355-431 and below. Kirlia will have 700-776 CP in this range.

Gardevoir and Gallade have identical CP so use these values to find options for both evolutions.

Setting Goals

This Community Day presents a unique restriction in that only male Kirlia can be evolved into Gallade. This and the limit on Sinnoh Stones may require some additional restrictions on evolving. These factors make setting goals even more important. Make sure to set aside additional time for evolutions this CD with the added complexity this brings. Ralts is 50% male and 50% female, though that doesn't mean you will catch 50% male Ralts.

Determine how many Kirlia you want to evolve this Community Day and plan accordingly as far as resources and acquiring high IV Ralts goes. Set goals and pay attention to how much candy you earn. Keeping track can help you determine play patterns for future CDs.

As mentioned previously, especially if your CD availability is low, swap Ralts with local players leading up to CD and make use of the Lucky friend feature if your desperate and don’t want to wait till December to evolve them.

Set goals based on previous Community Days as a benchmark. Use this to let you know how aggressively you need to hunt and Pinap, as well as how many high IV options to target.

Each Kirlia evolution costs 123 Ralts candy which is 31 catches + transfers or 18 catches w/ Pinaps + transfers. Maxing out a Pokemon will cost between 118-304 candy depending on the level (248 for level 20 Pokemon). Evolving and Powering Up a full team (with average level 20) will cost 2227 candy. This can be accomplished with 382 Pinap catches + transfers or 557 catches + transfers. Double those numbers if you want full teams of each evolution and adjust your goals to make the most out of your Ralts candy. However, you only have to evolve them today, not power them up. You can continue to earn Ralts candy after the event to Power Up for evolved Gardevoir and Gallade!

As noted in “Looking Forward” evolving extra Shiny Ralts with the exclusive move may make great future trades with Lucky Friends.

Making Trades

You (probably) have until 1 hour after the event ends to IV check, trade, and evolve for the exclusive moveset. Set alarms and keep track of how long different activities take you so you can be better prepared for future CD events.

When picking a trading partner, there are now three different options to consider each with their own benefits.

Play Community Day with your trading partner.

  • Carpool

  • Catch the same spawns (for even trades) and split the role of IV checking

  • Can start trading even before CD ends

Play 10km (6.21 mi) distance from your trading partner.

  • 1 additional candy per trade.

Trade with a Lucky Friend!

Obviously, this will can a combination of one of the previous two options. Coordinating with a Lucky Friend during CD can allow you to swap a day 1 shiny Ralts to reroll IVs. Coordinating with multiple Lucky friends can allow you to reroll a few for IVs, though you can only do one special trade each day.

Here are some additional features to keep in mind about trading:

  • Players are limited to 100 trades + 1 special trade per day. This is reset after your phone goes past midnight.

  • Swapping a Shiny will count as a Special Trade and can also be done once daily.

  • Pick a trade partner you have high friendship with. IV floor increases with friendship tier.
    Good Friendship - 1/1/1 IV floor
    Great Friendship - 2/2/2 IV floor
    Ultra Friendship - 3/3/3 IV floor
    Best Friendship - 5/5/5 IV floor

  • Pokemon caught farther than 10km (6.21 mi) apart award 2 candy when traded.

  • Lucky Pokemon have an IV floor of 12/12/12. Read more about Lucky Pokemon here

The Technicals: Catch Rate and IV Checking

Ralts will likely have its Base Catch Rate changed to 40% as we have seen with previous CD spawns.

Our easy-to-use catch rate calculator can be found here if you’d like to do your own calculations. Here are the breakdowns for players with a Gold Fairy and Psychic badge. These calculations also assume maximum radius Great! throws. Your ability to reliably throw into smaller bonus radiuses may also increase throughout the day, increasing your catch rate.

  • Ralts levels 1-7 have an 89% chance or higher to be caught with a curved Poke Ball Great! Throw. Poke Ball Pinap anything under 73 CP and consider up to 105 CP.

  • Ralts level 12 and below have a 90% chance or higher to be caught with a curved Great Ball Great! Throw. Great Ball Pinap anything under 129 CP and consider up to 184 CP.

  • Ralts level 20 and below have a 90% chance or higher to be caught with a curved Ultra Ball Great! Throw. Ultra Ball Pinap anything under 215 CP and consider up to 308 CP. Even a level 35 Ralts has an 82% chance to be caught per throw using a curved Great! Throw Ultra Ball, allowing for proficient throwers to utilize Pinap berries every throw. Consider not quick-catching Ralts above 308 CP or using a Razz Berry while doing so.

Throwing with no bonus will eat through your resources faster making it worthwhile to learn how to consistently throw Great! Throws (+ video link) The following will result in a 90% catch rate with curveballs and no throw bonus:

  • Poke Ball Ralts levels 1-4 (39-56 CP and below)

  • Great Ball Ralts levels 8 and below (85-121 CP and below)

  • Ultra Ball Ralts levels 13 and below (140-200 CP and below)

  • Ultra Ball Razz Berry Ralts levels 25 and below (269-385 CP and below). Great Ball Golden Razz Berries can be used on higher level Ralts to ensure a 90% catch rate per throw.

Searching “4*” will display all perfect Pokemon. Searching “4*&Ralts”, ”4*&280”, or “4*&+Ralts” will display all perfect Ralts. 4* and sorting by recent should also suffice. More tips on using the new appraisal system to its fullest can be found in the below section New Appraisal Tips. Male and female are searchable terms too, which is helpful for finding Gallade options.

Knowing how dust cost relates to Pokemon level can also help in quickly determining a Pokemon's level and IV. Here are the associated dust costs for the following levels;

35 - 8000

34/33 - 7000

32/31 - 6000

30/29 - 5000

28/27 - 4500

26/25 - 4000

These values can be used to determine high-level Pokemon at a quick glance.

New Appraisal Tips

Many Pokemon IVs can now be quickly viewed using the new visual IV system. It should be feasible to scan all Ralts within the 1-hour timeframe to scan for optimal IVs. But what should you look for while IV scanning?

Additionally for this Community Day, a naming system that includes M/F to more easily separate options that can and cannot evolve into Gallade will be helpful though the typical process may take multiple passes. Make sure to at least consider evolving some male Gardevoir and looking at your female options before evolving all males. Remember to set aside additional time for evolutions due to the increased complexity this brings.

For PvE (and Master League PvP), you’ll want to sort by CP, search “3*” and save any with 15 Attack IV. Rename them in a way you can easily recognize without having to check again. Consult your set goals and Ralts candy. If you need more with high IVs, consider repeating this process and looking for 14 Attack IV or searching “2*”. If you have more than your set goals, trim from the worst you’ve selected.

For PvP, optimal IV sets will almost all be 1* options. 2* will contain some ideal IVs as well though 1* will be better on average as that allows for 0 attack IV combinations. Scanning the search range "1*,2*" for low attack and high defense and stamina will allow you to look for ideal PvP IVs. Remember to look below the previously specified IV caps from the section “Look for PvP-ready CPs”. Consult with a CP calculator to verify the Pokemon will evolve under the cap. Some trainers may also chose to skip IV checking during this step or/and evolve shiny Pokemon. Evolve extra below CP caps for future trade fodder.

Then trade any Pokemon you haven’t marked as favorites. Leave yourself time to evolve at the end of this process. Searching “Traded” or sorting by new can allow you to easily view your new Pokemon. Compare these to your previously selected best options. Consider evolving any Lucky Pokemon for a huge dust discount. After evolving to satisfy your goals, evolve extra Ralts with high CP, below PvP caps, or shiny for future trade fodder. Remember to save some candy if you wish to Power Up some Gardevoir and Gallade too!

Looking Forward

When Ralts’s Community Day is over, there are still plenty of opportunities to get good Gardevoir and Gallade with the exclusive move through trading. Evolving extra Kirlia can be a great idea to attempt to trade with friends afterward for high IV rerolls.

Lucky Friendship is a total game-changer for exclusive movesets. Interacting with Best Friends can now create Lucky Friendships! This will make your next trade a guaranteed Lucky! One of the best uses for these trades will be shiny Pokemon, rare Pokemon, and Pokemon with exclusive legacy movesets. CD brings all three! For this reason, evolving extra shiny Ralts gives you the perfect Lucky Trade fodder. Encourage your Best Friends to do the same.

Using up all your Ralts candy on evolutions gives you an additional incentive to catch future Ralts, which will then allow you to power them up and unlock additional moves. Kirlia in Raids in addition to Ralts in Rocket Grunt Battles will provide future Ralts candy income to take advantage of. In addition, these options could provide high IV Ralts to make use of.

It’s not too late to find some high IV Ralts too. Whether it be Ralts in your collection you didn’t notice/have the time to evolve during CD or new ones you catch, December is likely to have another CD weekend where exclusive moves become available again. If you don’t manage to find a good Ralts worthy of your Stardust this weekend, evolve some anyways, attempt some lucky trades (on evolved and unevolved), keep looking, and evolve some in December! Note: This event is not confirmed for December, it's just what happened in 2018.

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NoLucksGiven is a Digital Card Game Streamer and YouTuber with a specialty in "limited" formats. With a lifetime of powering up his skills in resource management, quick analysis, and on-the-fly ranking, Pokemon Go has become a perfect fit for NLG. NoLucks makes it a goal (and succeeds) to reach the top echelon of players in any game he plays including being the #1 Ranked Drafter in Solforge. Through his articles and stream and YouTube content, his goal is to help other players that are looking for tips to level up their own game.