Community Day March 2018 Guide

Community Day March 2018 Guide


Date Sunday, March 25th (Note: Sunday is a difference from previous Communty Days, which were on Saturday
Time Europe, Middle East, Africa, India: 10am to 1pm UK or BST, 11am to 2pm CET
North America, South America and Greenland: 11am to 2pm PST, 2pm to 5pm EST
Asia Pacific: 12pm to 3pm JST

Show Up Early BUT…

Showing up early to familiarize yourself with the location is good. You can use this time to find parking, restrooms, and take over gyms for additional items per spin. Note that there’s a chance that existing spawns can turn into Bulbasaur, and spawns will be worth 3x XP during the event, so stop catching Pokemon 10-15 minutes before the event starts to maximize your gains there. Also, wait till the start of the event to start your Lure Modules. They will only last 3 hours if started during the event window.

Community leaders may make themselves available before or after the event window to offer check-ins and handshakes to receive The Silph Road March 2018 Community Day Shiny Venusaur badge. The best time to raid is also probably before or after the event, with so much time going on during. Last Community Day we passed up on multiple raids throughout the event, but were able to have enough willing to stick around and lucky to have two eggs hatch after the event window had ended.

Prepare for Your Day Accordingly

Water, winter jacket, rain poncho, as well as snacks/lunch, water, medical necessities, battery packs, fully charged devices, and water!

Where to Play

Bulbasaur spawns will be drastically increased everywhere during the duration of this event. You aren’t required to play anywhere specifically, but here are some tips for getting the most out of the location you choose.

  • Exploring the Community - Use Community Day, and Pokemon Go in general, as an excuse to explore local areas. If you’re blessed with multiple, good locations, make use of them throughout various Community Days. Choose areas with heavy spawn and Stop density so that you can light it up with Lure Modules.
  • Playing with Friends - Community Day should be about the community, both the area and your local PoGo Players. Get together with friends, find your local group using The Silph Road’s League Map, or be the first in your area to create a group. If you see other trainers in your gyms, that means there’s others out there playing! More trainers means more fun, and Lure Modules appear for all players, so you can all share the increased spawns.
  • Nesting Locations - Nests change Wednesday March 21st, 4 days before the event. You should have an idea of the location before this rotation (for this and future Community Days) but be prepared to switch if a good, local nest becomes Bulbasaur. An area with heavy spawns and Stops is better than a Bulbasaur nest without those, so prioritize accordingly.
  • Weather and Biome - In our Feb 2018 Community Day Guide for Dratini, we didn’t put a huge preference on biome/weather based selections. The previous CD, we felt, was more about completing the Dragon Badge and collecting candy. This CD, as outlined below, introduces a more relevant event-exclusive move. Pursuing weather-boosted Bulbasaur will grant you higher CP and IV Pokemon, albeit with decreased catch rates. Bulbasaur is boosted in Sunny AND Cloudy weathers, which should provide options for trainers looking to capitalize on those bonuses.

Getting Prepared: Items to Bring

Getting Prepared: Items to Bring

6 Incense and Lures

Having 6 Incense will let you crack open one every 30 minutes and make it last the entirety of the event. I recommend setting alarms on your phone for every half hour. It’s very easy to forget and you’ll likely have a lot to keep track of. Lures started before the posted start times will only last 30 minutes. Lures started any point after that will last the full 3 hours. Keep walking! Incense spawns more Pokémon while you’re moving! Even if you’re stuck at work where nothing spawns during the event window, popping some Incense could help you nab a shiny or two.

Pinaps, Razz, and Ultraballs

Bulbasaur has half the base catch rate as Dratini (and the same as Pikachu, for comparison). Recommendations below detail what you should Pinap, and what to Razz/GRB.

Pokeballs for Go+ Users

Catching everything will likely be impossible. The GO+ may give you some free catches you wouldn't otherwise have time for.

6 Lucky Eggs

Assuming you won’t get help up on any particularly hard catches, now’s a fine time to crack half a dozen eggs. It’s not as good as a mass evolve session, especially during a double EXP event, but if you’ve got some eggs laying around from the most recent premium boxes, it’s not a bad time to use them. If you’re using the “skip animation catch manipulation” or a Go+ (for non-Bulba spawns), this may be the fastest way to gain XP.

6 Star Pieces

“Last CD was the best possible time to use Star Pieces, though a 30-minute grind session under Incense and Lures will still be very profitable.” ... is what I wrote BEFORE knowing this event would be double Stardust because of Eggstavaganza 2018. So double what I just said. This is a great time to use Star Pieces if you are already running Lures and Incense. However, because of Bulbasaur's low catch rate, you may find yourself wanting to save your SP for other grind sessions during this Eggstavaganza event. You may find yourself on either side of this line based on your available SP and your available time throughout the rest of the month. If you are low on Star Pieces or/and have available time, consider saving Star Pieces for grind sessions that will provide slightly higher catch rates. Clear or Cloudy weather areas can expect even more dust from boosted Bulba, though this comes with it an even more reduced catch rate.

Exclusive Move: Frenzy Plant

Exclusive Move: Frenzy Plant

Catching or Evolving a Venusaur during the event window will give it the move Frenzy Plant. Using a ™ will not allow you to obtain this move. Don’t forget to allot some time to evolve either at the beginning or end of the event. Evolving takes about 20-25 seconds depending on your device, meaning evolving 3 Bulbasaur into Venusaur takes about 2 minutes.

Unlike Dragonite’s Draco Meteor (and Pikachu’s Surf), Venusaur’s Frenzy Plant will be it’s highest DPS move. I don’t love this direction but there are two sides. Adding moves this way essentially adds a new Pokemon temporarily to the game and gives hardcore players a reason and purpose to grind, while helping others get a good, new Pokemon. On the other hand, I’m already sad that my perfect IV Charizard won’t be able to learn Blast Burn. I’d be more happy with the ability to spend some of my stockpiled TMs on my already powered-up Pokes, but I still don’t love Legacy Moves as a gameplay mechanic. This also traps some players into not wanting to evolve potential CD Pokemon for fear that doing so will make them worse.

Is the sky falling? How good is Frenzy Plant?

It’s good. Solar Beam is a very good Charge Move and Frenzy Plant outranks it. Previously, Venusaur was ranked at about the 3rd or 4th best Grass attacker, depending on the matchup and excluding Groudon.

With Frenzy Plant, Venusaur finds itself in a similar position, though it is now more likely to rank #2 in simulations, after Exeggutor and before Sceptile. Occasionally it still outputs DPS similar to that of Solar Beam which makes it more akin to Victreebel than Exeggutor (and it occasionally beats Exeggutor even). Overall, I would rank Venusaur with Frenzy Plant alongside Sceptile and Exeggutor and be willing to call them equals, with a slight nod to Exeggutor from an average of performances. None of them stick out enough to truly become the top dog and there’s always better options than the bunch in other types of attackers. Various breakpoints and different defensive typings means all three could earn a spot on various battle teams.

Getting Prepared: Bulbasaur

Getting Prepared: Bulbasaur

Make sure to clear some room in your Pokemon Storage before the event so that you can take advantage of catching all of the increased spawns from Lures and Incense.

One Pokemon you’ll want to make sure to not delete is your high IV and high CP Bulbasaur. Because of the above analysis, I am unlikely to spend Stardust powering up a low CP high IV Bulbasaur personally, but will still want to evolve a few high level, weather-boosted Bulbas. Currently, I have saved 3 level 35 Bulba and 1 91% Bulba, though I will likely collect more before the start of the event. Visiting a Bulbasaur nest or Biome BEFORE the event could help you prepare with Candy and mons to evolves, leaving CD for you to focus on Stardust and Shiny hunting.

This isn’t for everyone. Most people will be content with the Bulbasaur they catch DURING the event, especially since those ones can actually be shiny. This CD does bring an interesting element of allowing us to prepare (since Dratini was virtually non-existent after the release of Gen 3). During Sunny and Cloudy weather before the start of the event, continue to look for high CP and IV Bulbasaur.

If you aren’t able to find good Bulbasaur beforehand, you’re still likely to come across some with high IV during the event, especially since it is boosted in two weather types. The following string can help you quickly check for any perfect IV Bulbasaur;


Pokemon with these CP are not guaranteed to be 100% IV but this could help you narrow that search.

In addition to those, IV check at least your highest CP Bulbasaur and encourage others at your CD to do the same, shouting out any good spawns to your fellow trainers.

You can quickly check a Pokemon’s level by how much Star Dust it would cost to power up.

31/32 - 6000

33/34 - 7000

35 - 8000

Keeping this in mind should allow you determine which Pokemon are worth evolving.

You should be able to get enough candy during the event to evolve a few. While amassing candy during the event is certainly one goal, you’ll want to weigh against catching spawns for 3x XP and Shiny checking. I imagine I will get 300-500 candy during this event (in addition to my current 150 candy). This will allow me to evolve 4-6 Venusaur during the event; 1 Shiny, 1-2 high IV, and 2-4 high CP/level.

Keep in mind that each evolve takes 123 candy and about 44 seconds to evolve to Venusaur from Bulbasaur.

As the event draws to a close, shiny checking Bulbasaur will become important. Don’t be afraid to run from Bulbasaur that aren’t high enough level to matter if they’re not shiny. Low CP may be worth Pinaping and high CP may be worth catching but there’s definitely a sweet spot where I will simply run from the encounter if not shiny.

Calculating Your Catch Rate and When to Berry

Our easy-to-use catch rate calculator can be found here if you’d like to do your own calculations. Here are the breakdowns for players with Gold Grass and Poison badges, which I assume will cover most cases, unlike the previous event. These calculation also assume maximum radius Great! throws, which may not be accurate for your playstyle. Your ability to reliably throw into smaller bonus radiuses may also increase throughout the day, subtlety increasing your catch rate.

Bulbasaur levels 1-3 Have a 90% chance to be caught with curved Great Ball Great! throws. Pinap anything under 56 CP with a Greatball and consider Pinapping up to 73 CP.

This 90% chance extends only to Level 4 Bulbasaur with the use of a curved Ultraball Great! throw. Level 4 Bulbas have a CP range of 79 to 103. This means Clear or Cloudy weather drastically reduces your ability to use Pinap Berries and Great Balls.

Bulbasaur up to level 9 have an 80% chance to be caught with curved Ultra Ball Great! throws. Level 9 Bulbas have a CP range of 194 to 250.

Bulbasaur up to level 11 have a 75% chance to be caught with curved Ultra Ball Great! throws. Level 11 Bulbas have a CP range of 238 to 308. Pinapping Pokemon above this CP range could waste time and Pinap berries.

Bulbasaur up to level 25 have a 75% chance to be caught with curved Ultra Ball Great! throws with Razz Berries. Level 25 Bulbas have a CP range of 542 to 701. As CP increases to this range, consider using more Razz Berries. As the CP increased beyond this range (up to 911 CP for Level 35 Balbasaur), consider using Golden Razz Berry. GRB provide an 87% catch rate with curved Ultra Ball Great! Throw for level 35 Bulbasaur.

Have Fun!

Our third Community Day brings with it an interesting new playstyle and there will be many different ways to play this weekend. The badges and candies are certainly less rare so I imagine less people will find themselves hunting those. It is probably more akin to the first CD where the primary focus was on Shiny hunting. IV collectors and hardcore grinders alike probably will find that most of their play is in the days or weeks leading up to the event, leaving the actual event for shiny hunting primarily.

For other players, this event may be that final stretch to reach that next level on the heels of the recent Windy XP event. After just hitting 40 myself, I’m not stressing too much about that part of the event (but I do have 4 free Lucky Eggs to use now!) The announcement of Eggstravaganza 2018 now also makes this one of the best events for farming Star Dust too, a focus for many high-level players. There’s a lot for players of all levels to take advantage of during this event to figure out what that means for you and make the most of it. You may even be excited to complete your first Pokedex Venusaur!

One last thing to be on the lookout for, for collectors looking for an additional challenge or incentive to play; Gender Dex. Bulbasaur Community Day is a great way to start and, even if you have a few Venusaur, you may not have a female yet as each Bulba (and the other starters) only has a 12.5% chance to be female. Hopefully all that is enough to wet your appetite for what should be another exciting Community Day! Spread the word and have fun!