Dataminers Uncover New Moveset for Tornadus - Therian Forme

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Article by Brian Tien

Earlier this month, we reported that Thundurus - Therian Forme was given a movest update ahead of its grand release. A moveset update, we might add, that actually made it a viable attacker in the raid meta.

Well, our friends at Pokeminers have now reported that Tornadus - Therian Forme has just received a similar moveset update!

Fast Moves Charged Moves
Astonish, Gust Heat Wave, Psychic, Focus Blast, Hurricane

This is.... definitely a thing.

What's Changed

In essence... nothing. Gust is a definite improvement, but Tornadus - Therian Forme is still far too weak to be worth using in raids, and it's poorly positioned to have any real general utility in PvP. Overall, Tornadus - Therian is still little more than "catch one and sit out the rest of its run".

And now, all eyes are squarely focused on Landorus... very worried eyes, given the fact that any moveset change would be worse than what it has now.

The Comprehensive DPS/TDO Spreadsheet has already been updated for this change.

If you don't see the changes, then please clear your browser's cache and try again.

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