Deoxys - Defense: PvP IV Deep Dive Analysis

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Article by RyanSwag
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Deoxys Defense Forme is back in Raids from July 1st until July 16th in Pokemon GO. For many Trainers, this will be their first opportunity to build a Deoxys Defense Forme for Great League PvP. Additionally, Deoxys Defense Form reaches 2500 CP with XL Candy and can be a spicy contender for the Ultra League. In this guide, we have listed all the best IV spreads and important PvP Breakpoints to ensure Trainers build the best Deoxys possible rather than build twice. 

Because Deoxys Defense Forme cannot be traded (as it’s a Mythical Pokemon), there is a narrow range of IVs to choose from (216 opposed to 4096). Fortunately, it should take roughly ~20 raids (70% probability) to have one of the featured IV spreads. If you do want one specific IV spread, then be emotionally and financially prepared to do over 260 raids. 

The guide below will provide most of the IV spreads for you, but if you want to find out what stats your IVs hit specifically, use or the GO Stadium Rank Checker.

Great League

Rank IVs Atk Def HP
1 10/15/13 100.78 225.78 98
3 10/10/15 100.78 222.51 99
5 11/10/13 101.44 222.51 98
6 12/15/15 101.02 223.42 98
9 11/13/12 101.44 224.47 97
14 13/15/13 101.67 223.42 97
17 13/11/15 101.67 220.83 98
18 12/13/10 102.09 224.47 96
20 11/15/11 101.44 225.78 96
21 11/15/10 101.44 225.78 96
22 14/12/13 102.32 221.47 97
67 15/14/10 102.97 222.7 95
77 15/10/12 102.97 220.18 96

The table above highlights the “best” Great League Deoxys Defense Forme IVs in regards to them a) being significant and b) aren’t objectively inferior to any other spread. For example, the Rank 2 Deoxys has a slightly higher stat product than the Rank 3; however, the Rank 2 has the same Atk and HP as the Rank 1 but worse Def, where the Rank 3 has higher HP. In that regard, any of the Top 22 stat product IV spreads are “good” but the highlighted ones are more efficient. 

The Great League Deoxys Defense Forme has 2 things to consider:

  • Atk Breakpoints
  • The Mirror Match

When it comes to Atk Breakpoints, Deoxys Defense Forme has the potential to flip the Alolan Ninetales, Clefable, Lanturn, Whiscash, Swampert, and many more matchups. It’s kind of difficult to track all the potential matchups an Atk weight can net you because the majority of them are miss-able if they have a high enough Defense stat. The big thing to note however is that there aren’t any observable matchups you realistically miss out on if you go for an Atk weighted Deoxys Defense Forme. So what you gain with an Atk weight is the potential to clown would be counters that are thifting on bulky IVs- and of course CMP (Charge Move Priority) in the mirror. 

The Deoxys Defense Forme mirror match mostly depends on the movesets of the two Deo-D’s. If it’s Thunderbolt vs Thunderbolt, the matchup is determined by CMP which favors an Atk weighted Deoxys. If it’s Thunderbolt vs Rock Slide or Rock Slide vs Rock Slide, then the matchup comes down to having at least a 98 HP stat and then CMP. Rock Slide + Thunderbolt (opposed to X + Psycho Boost) vs any moveset is too variable to really track. As a result, if you want your Deo-D to take the lead in the mirror, you’ll want to side with the highest Atk possible while maintaining at least 98 HP. 

In regards to Atk weight and CMP, the Rank 18 (12/13/10), Rank 22 (14/12/13) & Rank 67 (15/14/10) are arguably the best. All trade bulk for even more Atk. The Rank 77 is also good, but the drop in Def is pretty harsh compared to the Rank 67. That said, if you want the big Atk stat and don’t have the Rank 67, the Rank 77 doesn’t miss out on any additional matchups. 

In regards to the mirror, the Rank 17 (13/11/15) is the clear winner as it has the highest Atk stat of 98 HP Deoxys Defense Forme. The Rank 5 (11/10/13) and Rank 6 (12/15/15) are also serviceable, having higher Atk than the Rank 1-3 and 98 HP. 

In the end, any of the 13 highlighted IV spreads are extraordinary. These highlights are merely to help you choose between what you have rather than lament on what you don’t. Remember: It’s roughly 20 raids to get any 1, but 260+ to maybe get 1 specific spread. 

Alolan Ninetales

Incidentally, when investigating the best IV spreads for Deoxys Defense Forme, the “best” anti-Deoxys IVs for Alolan Ninetales were uncovered. If your Alolan Ninetales hits roughly 115.78 Atk and 133.85 Def, you hit a Powder Snow Breakpoint and avoid the Counter Breakpoint from Deo-D, allowing you to dominate the matchup. Do keep in mind that if you have any less Def than 133.85, those Atk weighted Deoxys are waiting to flip the match right back on you. 

Ultra League

ADVISORY: It’s important to inform you that XL Deoxys Defense Forme is a) Not bad, but isn’t outstanding in the Ultra League and b) will cost you roughly $80 in raid passes to get the XL Candy alone. It’s not a bad Pokemon, but it’s not really worth it. With this in mind, the next section of this guide will cover the optimal IV spreads for Ultra League XL Deoxys Defense Forme should you want to build one. 

The Ultra League XL Deoxys Defense Forme has 3 things to consider:

  • The Best Buddy Umbreon 1-1 
  • The Registeel 1-1
  • The Talonflame 0-1

The Best Buddy Umbreon matchup requires a very high Atk weight on Deoxys (132.8+). Those who know how to check for Breakpoints may be confused as your Counter damage will not change. What does change is your Rock Slide damage. The 132.8+ Atk flips Rock Slide from 30 damage to 31 damage, and that 1 extra Rock Slide damage is all it takes to completely clown the Umbreon in the 1 shield scenario. Will such a great Atk weight cost Deo-D any other matchups in the Ultra League? From what it appears, no not really. Except for the Registeel 1 shield scenario of course. 

The table below highlights 7 IV spreads that net XL Deoxys Defense a 132.8+ Atk stat. There are 5 others (the Ranks 176, 178, 188, 190, & 197) but they drop so much bulk that it may start to affect other matchups.

Rank IVs Atk Def HP
106 15/11/12 132.81 284.84 124
129 15/11/10 133.21 285.69 123
130 15/13/11 132.81 286.51 123
137 15/10/12 132.81 284 124
156 15/15/10 132.81 288.18 122
158 15/10/10 133.21 284.85 123
159 15/12/11 132.81 285.67 123

In regards to Registeel, XL Deoxys Defense Forme needs a 126 HP stat in order to survive the 1 shield scenario. While it is easy to hit 126 and 127 HP on XL Deoxys Defense Forme, either HP stat will cost you the 1 shield scenario against Best Buddy Umbreon. However, if you maintain at least a 131.9 Atk stat, you can still flip the 1 shield scenario against a non-Best Buddied Umbreon. To add, this 131.9 Atk stat also hits Breakpoints against Shadow Abomasnow, Charizard, and most importantly, Talonflame. Of these matchups, the Breakpoint flips the 0-1 Talonflame scenario (you don’t shield and they use 1 shield). Note that the 132.8 Atk also gets these Breakpoints. Given that you won’t lose out on any other realistic matchups by maintaining a 131.9 Atk stat, if you aren’t shooting for the 132.8 Atk stat, you may as well aim for 131.9 Atk with 126 HP. 

The table below highlights the only 4 IV spreads that net XL Deoxys Defense a 131.9+ Atk stat with a 126 HP stat.

Rank IVs Atk Def HP
42 15/12/15 132.02 283.96 126
45 14/10/14 131.98 284.00 126
73 15/11/15 132.02 283.13 126
99 15/10/15 132.02 282.30 126

If you’re curious about the XL Deoxys Defense Forme mirror, you need at least a 127 HP stat to tie the mirror. This and the Best Buddy 128 HP stat will not win you the mirror, it will only tie the mirror. Additionally, meeting the XL Deoxys mirror is highly unlikely compared to meeting Talonflame, Umbreon, or Registeel in the Ultra League.


That covers about all there is to know about Deoxys Defense Forme IVs and Breakpoints for the Great League and Ultra League. Other Pokemon also have significant IV spreads that deviate from “max bulk” or “best rank” such as XL Dragalge, but figuring out the most optimal IV spreads can be pretty difficult. Fortunately, Deoxys Defense Forme can only have Raid Caught IV spreads, so we only have 216 unique sets to comb through as opposed to 4096. 

Don’t let that 216 lead you to believe that getting the “best spread” yourself is easy. Any of the “best” spreads will take you roughly 20-40 raids to acquire, but 1 specific spread can take over 260 raids. Keep this in mind should you try to chase down any of the IVs highlighted in this guide.

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