A Drive to Investigate Special Research Steps Added to Research Task List

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Article by Brian Tien

Today begins the release of the exclusive special research line "A Drive to Investigate", and the beginning of the Genesect release event!

You can read more about the events and what they entail above. We've added the Genesect  special research line to our Research page, and have compiled it here for ease of access!

A Drive to Investigate (1/5)

Task Reward
Battle another Trainer 5x 1000 Stardust
Catch 25 Normal Type Pokemon 3x Rare Candy
Give your buddy 1 treats Trubbish Encounter
Final Reward
5x premium raid passes, Pinsir encounter, Genesect Cap

A Drive to Investigate (2/5)

Task Reward
Power Up Pokemon 5x 1000x Stardust
Catch 25 Fire-Type Pokemon 3x Rare Candy
Send 3 Gifts to friends Karrablast encounter
Final Reward
3x charged TMs, Skarmory encounter, 3x Super Incubators

A Drive to Investigate (3/5)

Task Reward
Transfer 3 Pokemo 1000x Stardust
Catch 25 Water-type Pokemon 3x Rare Candy
Hatch an Egg Shelmet Encounter
Final Reward
3x Incense, Scizor encounter, Genesect Bag

A Drive to Investigate (4/5)

Task Reward
Make 3 Great Throws in a row 1000x Stardust
Catch 25 Electric-type Pokemon 3x Rare candy
Play with your buddy Genesect Encounter
Final Reward
3x Fast TM, Genesect encounter, Glacial Lure Module

A Drive to Investigate (5/5)

Catch 25 Ice-type Pokemon
Task Reward
Battle a team leader 3x 1000 Stardust
3x Rare Candy
Take 3 snapshots of Genesect Durant Encounter
Final Reward
1x Poffin, 10x Genesect Candy, 3x Star Piece

Keep in mind that the pass to join the "Drive to Investigate" special research line is still available in the shop, and will be for several more days. It's not too late to join in!

You can keep an eye on our Events page for more information as it arises!

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