Experience Statistics

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Egg Hatching

Egg DistanceXP Gained
2 km200
5 km500
10 km1,000

Throwing Bonus

Throw TypeXP Gained
First Throw (i.e., catching on the first ball thrown)50
Nice Throw10
Great Throw50
Excellent Throw100

Pokémon Bonus

Bonus TypeXP Gained
Catch a Pokémon100
First Catch of the Day500
Streak Bonus (for the 7th consecutive day of catching; stacks with First Catch bonus)2000
Each 100th of Species Caught100
Evolve a Pokémon500
Add a new Pokemon to the Pokedex500
Pokémon runs away25

Check a Pokéstop

PokéStops can have different sizes. Swiping 10 unique PokéStops consecutively, with a gap of no more than 10 minutes between each individual PokéStop, guarantees a large reward on the 10th PokéStop. Note that even if you are full on items you will still gain XP.

PokéStop TypeXP Gained
Normal PokéStop (less than 6 items)50
"Large-reward" PokéStop (i.e., 10th unique PokeStop in 10 minutes, giving 6 or more items)100
Never-before-visited PokéStop250
Daily Bonus (for first PokéStop/Gym spin of the day)500
Streak Bonus (for first spin PokéStop/Gym the 7th consecutive day of spins; stackable with Daily Bonus)2000
Gym PokéStop(base medal)25
Gym PokéStop (base medal + your team controls the gym)31
Gym PokéStop(bronze medal)50
Gym PokéStop (bronze medal + your team controls the gym)63
Gym PokéStop(silver medal)75
Gym PokéStop (silver medal + your team controls the gym)94
Gym PokéStop(gold medal)100
Gym PokéStop (gold medal + your team controls the gym)125

Gym Battles

Battle TypeXP Gained
Attacking against enemy Pokémon100 per Pokémon defeated
Bonus for fully clearing enemy gym50
Feeding berry to Pokémon20


Raid LevelXP Gained
Tier 13000
Tier 23500
Tier 34000
Tier 45000
Tier 510,000

Friendship / Gifts

Friendship EventXP Gained
Opening Gift200
Good Friends3,000
Great Friends10,000
Ultra Friends50,000
Best Friends100,000