The First Official Pokemon GO Invitational Tournament Begins Now

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Article by David Teraoka
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First Official Tournament

August 16th marks the first day for the Pokemon World Championships 2019, and includes the first officially sanctioned Pokemon GO tournament!

The Pokemon GO Invitational can be watched on the official Pokemon Twitch stream now. Here's the link to see it. 

The event has 8 top-tier competitors battling it out for glory, including PogoKieng, Junichi Masuda, and the wildcard entrant, carrymeh.

Pokemon GO YouTubers Trainer Tips and CybertronProductions.

The tournament is being held in the Great League format, with each contestant bringing 6 unique Pokemon. It'll be a double-elimination tournament, and the winner of each round decided by a "best of five" format. 

Once again, the tournament can be found live on the official Twitch channel for Pokemon.

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