Galarian Farfetch'd, Victini, and Mega Evolution Announcement

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Article by Brian Tien

A new Pokemon Direct just dropped today, and this one was a bomb for Pokemon Go players! If you want to catch up, take a second to watch the presentation for yourself. We'll wait!

While we don't have a lot of information right now, the bit that we do have could be earth-shattering for Pokemon Go moving forward. Right now we're looking at a Galarian Farfetch'd event, the release of the mythical Pokemon Victini for Go Fest 2020, and the long-anticipated release of Mega Evolution!

Galarian Farfetch'd Event

The Galarian take on eveyone's favorite leek-wielding duck is now available globally for a special event! This Fighting Type variant is not only unique in appearance and typing, it's also the only pre-evolution to the fighting type Sirfetch'd, release in Generation 8 Sword/Shield. That said, it cannot currently evolve. In the main-series, Galarian Farfetch'd can only evolve by landing three Critical Hits in a single fight, so it's not currently known what will need to be done in order to obtain this evolution in Go. This is all a tie-in with the Isle of Armor update for Pokemon Sword and Shield, which releases world-wide today. Alone-side this, we also have new clothes based on the release of the Isle of Armor and Galarian Farfetch'd!

The Isle of Armor set is free for all players, while the Galarian Farfetch'd set does cost a bit to obtain.

Galarian Farfetch'd Event
Event Start Event End
June 17, 2020, at 6:00 a.m. PDT June 18, 2020, at 6:00 a.m. PDT

Victini for Go Fest 2020

While it's shadowed in the announcement, that shape is unmistakable: Victini is coming to Pokemon Go for Go Fest 2020! The latest in a the line of "Mew" type mythical Pokemon released for Pokemon Go's premier event, Victini is a bit of an interesting choice as it skips multiple similar mythical Pokemon from Generation 4. Sadly, it's unlikely to have much use as everything stands, but we're hopeful that it will see at least one of its signature attacks, Searing Shot and/or V-Create, pre-release despite the fact that neither attack has been found in the game's code so far.

Mega Evolution

In what is arguably the biggest news that we've seen this year, Mega Evolution, the Main Series feature that has been anticipated since the beginning of Pokemon Go, has finally been announced!

We won't go into much detail here, as we're working on an article outlining this new feature and what we know about it currently, but at last we know that it's real!

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