Gen III Starter Final Evolutions, Croagunk and Stunky Nests Discovered in the Wild

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Article by David Teraoka

New Wild Pokemon

October 16, 2019 is one day away from the Halloween Event 2019, where Ghost-type Pokemon will be around in greater numbers and Darkrai will be the Legendary Raid Boss. 

However, today, another surprise has been discovered by a player using a lure in rainy weather. 

Swampert is the final evolution of Mudkip and previously was not available in the wild until now. A user has discovered a 1901 CP Swampert and provided several forms of proof in the Reddit thread displayed below. 

Players may also find Blaziken and Sceptile in the wild as well, but reports have not come in yet. 

New Nesting Species

Nests also seem to have rotated today, including new additions to the nesting pool!

It has now been reported that Stunky and Croagunk can be found in nests. 

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