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After Great League comes Ultra! The league of Giratina and Registeel is somewhat restrictive, and can be very expensive. If you (like 99% of the playerbase) don’t have a great sense of how to build for the format, take a look at some of these teams! Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list of all viable teams, just a few that you can get started with if you’re feeling lost!

Budget Teams

Admittedly, it's significantly harder to build budget teams for Ultra than it is for Great. However, there are a number of viable threats that don't demand quite as much resource investment as a maxed Registeel or Clefable. Here are a few you could try out! Note that there are a few instances of Giratina-A without a second move here. While it's absolutely incredibly helpful to have, if you really want to use your Gira, feel free to test it out without 3moving, and consider saving up to get that later!

Giratina-A, Swampert, Snorlax
  • Giratina-A: Shadow Claw + Dragon Claw
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon and Earthquake
  • Snorlax: Lick + Body Slam and Earthquake OR Superpower

Pretty soft to Togekiss and Dragonite, this team provides you some strong options against the rest of the meta. Giratina doesn't need a third move to handle the mirror. For Snorlax, bait with Body Slam to try to land your Earthquakes, and don't tank any Focus Blasts if you can help it. Note that you should do your best to 3move the Snorlax as a Munchlax. It costs about as much dust to get a Munchlax 3moved and on level as it does to 3move a Snorlax you already caught at around 2500!

Charizard, Giratina-A, Gyarados
  • Charizard: Fire Spin + Blast Burn and Dragon Claw
  • Giratina-A: Shadow Claw + Dragon Claw (AND Shadow Sneak)
  • Gyarados: Dragon Breath + Crunch and Hydro Pump

The first time Gyarados is shown on this list, but it certainly won't be the last. As an incredibly powerful budget option, it beats Giratina-Altered in the 1-1 and 0-0 shield scenarios, and Origin in the 0-0 and 2-2 straight Crunch. Additionally, it walls out Swampert, and performs well against the starter pokemon (which are great budget options). Note that the team has a weakness to Fairy-types and Lapras.

Dragonite, Typhlosion, Swampert
  • Dragonite: Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw
  • Typhlosion: Shadow Claw + Blast Burn and Solar Beam
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon and Earthquake

Dragonite's an impressively solid budget option for Ultra League! While it technically prefers to have both Dragon Claw and Draco Meteor, the latter has such niche use that you can often get by without even running it. Outrage is also an option, but since you only really want to use it in a shields-down desperation scenario, Draco Meteor performs better as a single hit. Typhlosion's actually good in Ultra, which is exciting! Shadow Claw charges up Blast Burns incredibly quickly, applying immense pressure to Registeel (and hitting Giratina fairly hard!). The team has a fairly rough weakness to Giratina-O and Togekiss, though. If you can't place your Typhlosion in front of their Togekiss, you're gonna have a very bad time. 

Togekiss, Swampert, Gyarados
  • Togekiss: Charm + Ancient Power and Flamethrower
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon and Earthquake
  • Gyarados: Dragon Breath + Crunch and Hydro Pump

The team has a bit of a weakness to Cresselia and Meganium. Togekiss works incredibly well in this format, beating Giratina-Altered without even needing to use a charged move as long as you invest one shield. Try to save some dust by 3moving your Togekiss as a Togepi!

Charizard, Snorlax, Togekiss
  • Charizard: Fire Spin + Blast Burn and Dragon Claw
  • Snorlax: Lick + Body Slam and Earthquake OR Superpower
  • Togekiss: Charm + Ancient Power and Flamethrower

A pretty solid team, though with a higher upper end of cost if you don't have access to Munchlax or Togepi candy. It's soft to Blastoise, though, as Togekiss doesn't want to tank an Ice Beam. Again, 3move as a baby, then power up after. 

Snorlax, Machamp, Typhlosion
  • Snorlax: Lick + Body Slam and Earthquake OR Superpower
  • Machamp: Counter + Cross Chop and Rock Slide
  • Typhlosion: Shadow Claw + Blast Burn and Solar Beam

The first instance of Machamp on this list! One of the most consistent Registeel counters in the format, the Four-Fisted Fury does its job (punching things really hard) as as well here as anywhere else. Rock Slide gives it a super clean answer against Charizard, and can at least deal some damage to Togekiss on the way out. The team does have a pretty big weakness to Swampert and Toxicroak (unless you can manage to land that Solar Beam on the mudboi.) Typhlosion's run here over Charizard to help against Cresselia.

Advanced Teams

Giratina-Altered, Registeel, Swampert
  • Giratina-Altered: Shadow Claw OR Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak
  • Registeel: Lock-On + Flash Cannon and Focus Blast
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon and Earthquake

One of the most generally powerful teams available with 3 incredible Pokémon. This team can struggle against Charm, Shiftry, and the occasional Gyarados, but performs very well otherwise. 

Registeel, Snorlax, Armored Mewtwo
  • Registeel: Lock-On + Flash Cannon and Focus Blast
  • Snorlax: Lick + Body Slam and Earthquake
  • Armored Mewtwo: Confusion + Psystrike and Dynamic Punch

Lead Registeel. If you lose lead, switch to Snorlax. If they bring in Poliwrath, go Armored Mewtwo and just completely farm down with Confusions, no shields needed. This team can struggle against Counter users, especially Escavalier and Lucario which resist Body Slam. The team functions as "three bulky generalists", and can take down most everything.

Articuno, Swampert, Escavalier
  • Articuno: Ice Shard + Icy Wind (and Hurricane or Ancient Power)
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon and Earthquake
  • Escavalier: Counter + Drill Run and Megahorn

After the Ancient Power nerf, Articuno has some freedom in running its (admittedly optional) second move. Hurricane is likely generally better, but it's event-exclusive, and you generally just spam Icy Wind anyway. Be careful around Togekiss, Articuno is your cleanest answer to it. Escavalier's fantastic typing in combination with the Drill Run buff makes it a threat to be reckoned with, and you've got Megahorn to hit any Cresselia or Armored Mewtwo you run into.

Melmetal, Alolan Muk, Poliwrath
  • Melmetal: Thunder Shock + Rock Slide and Superpower
  • Alolan Muk: Snarl + Dark Pulse and Gunk Shot or Sludge Wave
  • Poliwrath: Mud Shot + Ice Punch and Dynamic Punch

Melmetal's an interesting mon. As a Steel-type, it shares a defensive profile with Registeel, and Superpower is sorta your pseudo-Focus Blast. You do sacrifice a fair bit of bulk, though Rock Slide's coverage is incredibly valuable against things like Gyarados and Charizard which Registeel struggles against. Alolan Muk has fantastic matchups against Psychics, Grasses, and Giratinas, and can put up a good fight against Registeel.

Cresselia, Giratina-Altered, Swampert
  • Cresselia: Psycho Cut + Moonblast and Future Sight
  • Giratina-Altered: Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon and Earthquake

Wanna use Cresselia? Check out this line. Giratina's running Dragon Breath here to help you out against any Shiftry teams. Swampert's your only real answer to Registeel, though, so be careful in your positioning!

Team Submissions

Like with Great League, this guide will never be a complete list of strong teams. That means we could use your help to expand it! If you have a team that you've been finding success with, feel free to leave it in the comments here, or send it to me on Twitter at @InstantAirGael! Of course, we'll keep adding our own teams as we find stuff that works, so please keep checking back every once in a while to keep up!

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