Hoenn Celebration PvP Catch Guide

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Article by NordicThunder

Hoenn week is upon us. A great event for shiny hunters, raiders, and of course battlers. If you have some time to hunt for pvp mons in-between Gible raids here is a quick guide on the Pokémon you want and what IVs you are looking for. For a quick explanation on how PvP IVs work, refer to this article:

Leagues: Great

priority: High

Trade with: Best Friends

Optimal IVs 5/15/15

The level 50 update was great for Medicham, the evolved form of Meditite. Already a great pick when it was fighting from the low 1400s Medi gets to add even more levels and bulk to its profile. You even get to trade with high level friends for optimal IVs, which is rare for great league and a huge plus. 

League: Master

Priority: High

Trade with: Best Friends

Optimal IVs: 100%

You can evolve for the Community Day move Meteor Mash during this event. Considering that you couldn’t do that during the most recent December Community Day event, this is absolutely the time to either evolve a Beldum you were holding on to or farm a new one for Master league. Metagross has some finicky break points so try for the hundo. May as well evolve one for Great and Ultra as the move is exclusive but not a super high priority.

Leagues: Great

Priority: meh

Trade with: Low Level Friends

Optimal IVs: 0/14/15 at level 29.5

New moves make a decent Pokémon potentially more viable and spicy. Could be valuable in themed cups so would recommend making sure to get one if you like doing silph.

Leagues: Great

Priority: medium

Trade with: Low level friends

Optimal IVs: 0/15/15 at level 28

Has mostly been surpassed as an anti-flier but still has some play in open and can be a useful extra steel-type in themed cups. 

If you just started playing or were somehow involved in a terrible accident where you deleted half your storage then this would be as good a time as any to get a good version of these CD mons. I would especially make sure to get a Mudkip (Swampert) for each league. It’ll be a little bit before you can evolve for the CD moves without using an EliteTm but such is life.

League: Ultra mostly

Priority: Medium

Trade with: Low Level Friends

Optimal IVs: 0/12/15 at level 33 for Ultra

A sneak preview of next month’s Community Day mon. It’s never a bad thing to already have the candidate you want to evolve going in to community day. Life can interfere, the game can have issues (shoutouts to New Zealand), or the mon can be weather boosted on the actual community day (good for dust, bad for PvP Ivs). Roserade is mostly outclassed in Great but has some potential in Ultra. Love it or hate it, it’s the next Community Day mon so may as well farm some while they’re out and about. 

Other Pokemon Worth IV Checking

How would I recommend to play this event? 1) Catch as many Meditite as you can to get those optimal IVs and all that XL candy you’ll need to power it up. 2) Catch and trade for as good a Beldum as possible and make sure to evolve it to Metagross before the event ends for Meteor Mash. 3) If you haven’t already made a Hydro Cannon Swampert for every league, find a good IV candidate Mudkip for each and wait for the appropriate event. 4) Evaluate your other Pokémon profiled and listed in this article and trade for them from your trade partner if they happen to have extra, but don’t stress about it. 

I hope this article was helpful and I hope you have a whale of a time playing the Hoenn event. 

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