Kyogre Trio Raid Guide

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Tier 5 Raid Boss Guides

Requires specific maxed out counters or weather boost

HP15,000 ATK225.15 DEF210.14
CP Range
Lvl 20 2260 - 2351 Lvl 25 2825 - 2939

Notable Weather

Boosts Boss's Moves Boosts Counters' Moves
Snow, Rain Sunny / Clear, Rain

Fast Move Difficulty


Charge Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Hydro Pump Intermediate
Thunder Easy
Blizzard Challenging


Kyogre returns yet again, and trainers should be excited to hunt an elite shiny and one of the best Pokemon in the game. Blizzard is nasty; however, team composition does change a bit from last wave… we can now dodge semi-reliably in multiplayer raids. This gives Grass types more viability, but electric is the best choice. Raikou boasts great survival even vs Blizzard, and Electivire & Magnezone bring great speed. Mewtwo is a great choice too. The 100k dust/100 candy to unlock a second move may be more palatable for some than maxing another Raikou.

The key to this trio is survival. If you are going to spam moves, the double re-entry may ruin your shortman dreams. But if you cherry pick Thunder, stack your team with more bulky options like Raikou, or do a bit of dodging, this becomes very straightforward.

Two teams with 6 to 12 maxed Raikou each can duo vs Blizzard in Rain, but the win probability is low and this guide focuses on the trio.


Team composition

  • Electivire is best in the unboosted duo vs Thunder

  • Raikou mixed with grass is the way to go vs Hydro Pump. Grass shines (pun intended) in Clear, but still has trouble with Blizzard

  • Raikou, Magnezone, and Mewtwo are the stars against Blizzard

  • Relobby is usually required. Be sure to have a second team ready, or quickly revive your first squad

Dodging strategy

  • Dodging can be the difference between a successful or failed duo.

  • Try to dodge in order to avoid the second relobby vs Hydro Pump & Blizzard

Best Raid Boss Counters

Counters viable for Best Friends at level 30
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Very fast, most well rounded Counter

  • Second relobby is often necessary vs Hydro Pump

Electivire Electivire
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Extremely fast but fragile

  • Be ready to re-enter twice even vs Thunder

Magnezone Magnezone
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Surprisingly bulky vs Blizzard

  • Less good vs Hydro Pump. Requires 2 relobbies even at level 40

Roserade Roserade
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Do not use Roserade vs Blizzard
Venusaur Venusaur
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Do not use Venusaur vs Blizzard
Counters viable for Best Friends at level 35
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Great vs Thunder & Blizzard

  • May struggle vs Hydro Pump due to the number of deaths

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Very poor performance vs Blizzard. Filler quality

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Do not use Leafeon vs Blizzard
Sceptile Sceptile
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Do not use Sceptile vs Blizzard
Tangrowth Tangrowth
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Do not use Tangrowth vs Blizzard

  • Be aware of Tangrowth’s lost energy due to the single bar cost of Solar Beam. Dodge to maximize Solar Beams

Counters viable for Best Friends at level 40
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • DPS is nice, but Luxray is fragile

  • Second relobby is necessary vs Hydro Pump & Blizzard

aloEg Alolan Exeggutor
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Excellent Bulk vs non Blizzard sets

  • Do not use Alolan Exeggutor vs Blizzard

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
  • Do not use Breloom vs Blizzard

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