Lugia and Ho-Oh Arrive in Pokemon GO Raid Battles Today

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Article by David Teraoka

Returning Raid Bosses Incoming: Ho-Oh and Lugia

November 20, 2019 marks the arrival of Pokemon Gold and Silver's flagship Pokemon; Ho-Oh and Lugia.

They will be available starting at 1:00 PM PST and will run until December 23, 2019 at the same time. 

Both Ho-Oh and Lugia will have their shiny forms available for this weekend as well. 

Virizion will still be found in Tier 5 raids. 

No additional information has been given about this event. There has been a small amount of speculation that these Pokemon might be receiving a move update in the form of Sacred Fire or Aeroblast, Ho-Oh and Lugia's signature moves, respectively. 

Check out our article on speculation for Sacred Fire below!

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