Machamp: Obituary of a Champion

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Article by Brian Tien


San Francisco CA - Niantic Headquarter - Machamp, 23, died Wednesday, December 11, 2019 in the Raid Scene following an incident involving an unexpectedly powerful Aura Sphere fired by Lucario, who didn’t even know that he had been given access to the move yet.

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Machamp is survived by his beloved Fighting Type Championship Belt of 3 years, which was passed down to Lucario on the former Champion’s untimely death. He is also survived by himself in the PVP scene, as he was reunited with his long-lost Cross Chop just as he passed away.

Borne in Pokemon Red and Green, Japan, in 1996, Machamp entered into the Pokemon Go scene from the day of its arrival on July 6, 2016, though many players wouldn’t come to know him until much later. He had a rough start at first, finding himself to be little more than a Dex Filler with no real utility. However, this changed when a rebalance to the game’s CP system was made and he was given the moves Counter and Dynamic Punch, finally giving Machamp the power that he needed to be the true force that he always knew he could be. Along his rise, Machamp became known as the Blissey Slayer; the Pokemon that would finally defeat the infamous Blissey in Gym Battles reliably.

Machamp’s greatest accomplishments began when the Raid System was released. “The Champ”, as he would come to be known, would join the celebration as one of the first bosses that players could face. In this position, Machamp’s stature and power became something of a rite of passage for players as one of the highest priority solos in the game. However, Machamp’s prowess and notoriety would not end here. Machamp’s power turned him into a king on player teams. His strength and pervasive typing allowed him to climb to the top of many, many tier lists, including our very own Gamepress Attacker Tier List, where he sat comfortably for the remainder of his long life.

Machamp saw battle many, many times across the span of his long and illustrious career. Notable opponents that Machamp faced down include Tyranitar, Dialga, Darkrai, and Cobalion. Some of Machamp’s greatest feats include his time helping the community weather 3 months of raids from Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. His most recent accomplishment was facing down the Pokemon that was once thought to have a glimmer of potential to surpass him, Terrakion, and the master of the Regi trio that attempted to grasp revenge for the fall of its subordinates; Regigigas. 

Machamp had long been a shining example of power in the raid scene, and was frequently paired up with many of his contemporaries, including Hariyama and Breloom. Players across the world knew that Machamp’s under-powered rival, Lucario, had the potential to surpass him with the power of Aura Sphere, but noone, including Lucario, expected it to happen so soon or abruptly. The Fighting Type family, while devastated at the loss of their patriarch, is showing the Fighting Spirit that was emblematic of the Champ during his time as a star.

Services will be held at every local Machamp raid from this day forward. In lieu of flowers, please punch Blissey in the face four consecutive times out of respect. Mourners are urged to remember that Machamp led a fantastic life, that the teams of 6+ that you may have raised are not useless despite being outclassed. They still have higher average TDO when strengths aren’t a factor and genuine raid utility in the event of a raid boss packing Fire or Ground Type moves or in Draft. 

Farewell Machamp, we will never forget all that you have done for us!

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