Mega Manectric Trio Raid Guide

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Tier 5 Raid Boss Guides

Doable at trainer level 30 with optimized counters or weather boost

HP15,000 ATK226.02 DEF141.46
CP Range
Lvl 20 1959 - 2046 Lvl 25 2449 - 2557

Notable Weather

Boosts Boss's Moves Boosts Counters' Moves
Sunny / Clear, Fog, Rain Sunny / Clear

Fast Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Snarl Intermediate
Charge Beam Easy
Thunder Fang Intermediate

Charge Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Thunder Intermediate
Wild Charge Challenging
Flame Burst Intermediate
Overheat Intermediate
Psychic Fangs Intermediate


Players after the top Mega Evolutions in each type will want to farm down Mega Manectric, as it stands atop the Electric Type Mega meta.... arguably. This thing hits hard. Between its high base attack and the power of Wild Charge in particular, Ground types are going to be basically mandatory for any note-worthy longevity. And, fortunately, Ground Type is the only type that Mega Manectric is weak to. 

While the Duo is possible with perfect counters and/or various boosts, this guide will focus on the much more reasonable trio.


Team composition

  • TDO can be important, though most top DPS Ground Types also sport very high TDO for this fight naturally.

  • If using any non-Ground counters, front-load them.

  • Mega Manectric's moveset can be key. Non-electric movesets can be a bit of an issue for Ground Types.

  • Mega Evolutions aren't terribly useful here due to our current lack of a good Ground Type Mega, but one or two are at least okay, and can still grant a natural damage bonus to the raid group.

Battling strategy

  • Re-entering may be necessary; strong lineups won’t have to re-enter

  • Dodging is mostly unnecessary but may help.

Best Raid Boss Counters

Mega Evolution Counters

Mega Steelix Mega Steelix
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Objectively speaking, Mega Steelix is... not really great here. However, it is a Ground Type Mega Evolution, so it can boost the entire raid group to new heights while on the field.

Mega Gengar Mega Gengar
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

If you intend to bring a Mega Evolution along for the ride, then this is arguably the Pokemon for the job. The problem here is that even the much-lauded Mega Gengar is pretty lackluster in this raid, with performance somewhere around the bottom of the "Good" counters in practice. 

Mega Alakazam Mega Alakazam
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Another neutrally-strong Mega Evolution, Mega Alakazam is a power-house Pokemon that turns out to be a bit lacking in this raid. 

Supreme Counters

ShadowSwine Shadow Mamoswine
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Shadow Mamoswine is the top-DPS option for this raid, hitting very hard despite being the Ground Type with the least bulk on this list. This is one of the top priorities, to be sure.

Landorus (Therian Forme) Landorus (Therian Forme)
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

While it doesn't quite have the DPS of Shadow Mamoswine, Landorus - Therian Forme has a stronger average DPS despite its Flying sub-type. It's definitely one of the best counters on this list, all-in-all.

Garchomp Garchomp
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Garchomp has stupid longevity thanks to its virtually unprecedented 3x resistance to Electric Type moves, and it has high DPS to boot. This is definitely one of the best counters for this raid!

Rhyperior Rhyperior
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Not quite as good as Garchomp, but close!

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Groudon is a bit of a tank, sporting high bulk and good damage output. However, it's another case of "Garchomp, but worse".

Good Counters

Excadrill Excadrill
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Everyone's favorite mole-Pokemon with a proper name that doesn't begin with a "D" is here, and it's a bit of a double-edged sword. It has the standard-fare double resistance to Electric Type attacks and a resistance to Psychic Fangs, but it's also weak to Fire Type moves, so its utility will tend to be a bit iffier.

Shadow Mewtwo Shadow Mewtwo
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

As a testament to just how strong Psychic Types are and just how lackluster Ground is, Shadow Mewtwo comes in with one of the higher DPS totals in the game. It's really frail, but it's still viable off-type, which says a lot.

Landorus (Incarnate Forme) Landorus (Incarnate Forme)
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Landorus-Therian Forme but a bit worse.

ShadowFlygon Shadow Flygon
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Garchomp but a bit worse.

ShadowSwampert Shadow Swampert
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Shadow Swampert has the advantage of resisting Mega Manectric's Fire Type moves, making it potentially valuable for this raid.

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

While often overlooked, Golurk actually has a decent presence as a Ground Type attacker, and can make some waves in this raid.

Shadow Nidoking Shadow Nidoking
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Yes, we're this desperate for Ground Types.

Krookodile Krookodile
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Double-resisting Psychic Fangs is about the only note-worthy achievement here.

Mamoswine Mamoswine
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

The true classic; hard to go wrong with good, old Mamoswine.

Swampert Swampert
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Another true classic, the non-Shadow Swampert is a decent option here as well.

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