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Melmetal’s stats have been discovered in a datamine of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee. These stats can be converted into Pokemon GO values using Pokemon GO’s stat formula, giving us a rough idea of how Melmetal will look in Pokemon GO. Additionally, Melmetal’s learnset was datamined from the Let’s Go games. Ever since Melmetal’s reveal, people have been asking if it will compete with Metagross as the best Steel-type in Pokemon GO. With its stats and learnset from the Let’s GO series we now have the tools we need to get an idea of its potential to compete with the Meteor Mashing champion.

Melmetal's Stats

Atk Def Sta Max CP
Melmetal 226 190 260 3573
Metagross 257 228 190 3791
Dialga 275 211 204 4029

Compared to Metagross, the greatest Steel-type in Pokemon GO, Melmetal appears to be behind in base attack. In order to overtake Metagross as the best Steel-type attacker, Melmetal’s signature move “Double Iron Bash” would have to be more powerful than Meteor Mash. That happening is a bit unlikely given that Meteor Mash is already the 2nd most powerful Charge Move currently available in game, but similar was said about Metagross getting such a powerful Charge Move to begin with.

While Melmetal competing directly with Metagross is unlikely in terms of raw power, it’s worth pointing out that Melmetal has significantly higher stamina and lower defense than Metagross. Similar to how Hariyama can match Machamp, this stat distribution puts Melmetal in a position where it will gain more energy from damage than Metagross would, increasing its potential to launch extra Charge Moves. As a result, Melmetal could go toe to toe with Metagross as it gains energy faster.

Note: Between writing and publishing this article, Melmetal's stats have been datamined in Pokemon GO. Interestingly enough, Melmetal is breaking the typical 9% nerf mold and appears to have a stat line of 231 Atk, 213 Def, 264 Sta in game. This doesn't really help or hurt Melmetal's case and may update to the "true" stat conversion before release. 

Melmetal's Movepool

Meltan and Melmetal’s movepools were also datamined from the Let’s GO games. Because Pokemon GO seems to only give Pokemon moves that they know from the main games, we can piece together what movepool Melmetal may have in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, the only Steel-type Charge Move present in Melmetal’s movepool already available in Pokemon GO is Flash Cannon (Yikes!). This means that Melmetal may be completely irrelevant as a Steel-type attacker if Double Iron Bash isn’t added to Pokemon GO.

To make matters worse, the only Fast Move available to Melmetal appears to be Thunder Shock. While Thunder Shock is an alright Fast Move for Electric-type Pokemon, Melmetal would do better with Bullet Punch or Metal Claw. The only other avenue for a Steel-type Fast Move would be Hidden Power Steel, but the Let’s GO series doesn’t appear to have Hidden Power as a TM. It will be interesting to see how Pokemon GO handles the deficiencies in Melmetal’s movepool.


At a glance, Melmetal’s low attack stat suggests it won’t be able to compete as a Steel-type attacker. However, just as Hariyama can be compared with Machamp, its low defense stat puts it in a good position to launch extra Charge Moves due to taking more damage and getting more energy from the enemy. That said, without a good Steel-type movepool, Melmetal won’t be making any waves in the Pokemon GO meta. It has a shot at greatness through its signature move “Double Iron Bash” but with Flash Cannon as the Steel-type Charge Move currently in PoGO and Thunder Shock as its only Fast Move in PoGO, things look pretty bleak for this big nut unless another movepool expansion is rolled out.

One thing to note is that Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee isn’t considered a main series title and many Pokemon have modified movepools for that game. With that in mind, Melmetal’s movepool in Pokemon GO may reflect its learnset from the future Gen 8 title. There may be hope yet for Melmetal. We will have to see what this weekend brings!

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