Mysterious Components Discovered by Professor Willow in Pokemon GO: Team GO Rocket Event Incoming

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New Team GO Rocket Discoveries!

On October 22nd, 2019, Niantic posted a new blog post reporting that Professor Willow has made some new discoveries in Pokemon GO related to Team GO Rocket!

Professor Willow's discovery is related to "Mysterious Components" dropped by Team GO Rocket grunts. The image next to the text shows a metal tablet with a purple screen, which could possibly be references to the datamined Team GO Rocket information discovered by the community earlier this month. 

Yesterday, players in the PokeMiners Discord discovered some new details about an "ITEM_LEADER_MAP" and "ITEM_LEADER_MAP_FRAGMENT". Code snippets show that six fragments will be required for the full map. 

See below for the full details. 

Full Announcement Text


Professor Willow has kept a detailed log of his research concerning Team GO Rocket. He’s shared this log with us in hopes we can support him and the team leaders when it comes to this threat. We’ve prepared his report for you below and will continue to update as he shares more of his findings.

Stay safe and stay alert, Trainers!

—The Pokémon GO team

Date: 10/22/19

Subject: [Willow Report] Mysterious Components

During my investigations of these take-overs, I came across these strange objects that Team GO Rocket Grunts would drop upon being defeated in battle. For the sake of this report, I will refer to them as Mysterious Components. The exteriors of these objects seem to be made of some metal alloy, and they’re cold to the touch. The glass screens radiate a light-purple color. I touched the screen of one of the objects to see if it would react, but nothing happened.

I had a hunch that the Team GO Rocket Grunts were using some sort of device to take over PokéStops and collect resources. Based on what I know so far, these Mysterious Components I’ve found seem to be able to serve that purpose. But considering how advanced this technology is, there must be another use for it. I’ve been working on something in my lab with the help of the team leaders, and I think we might be able to use these components to track down where Team GO Rocket is hiding. I need to continue my research. We must get to the bottom of this.

—Professor Willow

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