New Pokemon GO 0.149.0 Update Brings Changes to Appraisal System and More

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July 15, 2019, saw a new APK update to Pokemon GO.

The update brings several changes, including the removal of the Back button "trick" for catching on Android, but the most notable change is to the IV appraisal system. 

Appraisal Screen Updates

Redditor u/Pokescout first posted a screenshot of the new system, which shows highly detailed IV information in the form of a bar graph.

Swiping left and right on the appraisal screen will automatically apply the appraisal to the next Pokemon, making the system much quicker for appraising multiple Pokemon.

100% IV Pokemon have a red stamp

Reddit user /u/BruteBooger noticed that Pokemon with 100% IV's have a red stamp.

UI improvements

In addition, there have been several UI improvements around the game, including the Pokemon summary screen and the Trainer Battle UI. 

You can now see your opponent's CP value during Trainer Battles. 

Charge move button moved below attacks

Charged Attack Mechanic Changes

The video released by Niantic indicates that charge moves in PVP will require players to swipe and match the pattern of the icons falling across your screen.  This might infer that the more accurate your are, the more powerful your attack will be.

Where is Team Rocket?

Redditor u/Fillain discovered that Shadow and Purified now exist as search filters.  If you watch the uploaded video, you'll notice that when the name "purified" is entered, Pinsir disappears, indicating that "purified" is a dedicated search term.  This ultimately points to a Team Rocket related event coming soon.

A screenshot from Charles Twitch Stream also indicates that Shadow Pokemon are coming soon.

Download on Android

You can find the update on APKMirror here. Use that link to download the app on Android and check out the new IV appraisal and other QOL features for yourself!

Download Here
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