New Team GO Rocket Characters Revealed

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New Team GO Rocket Reveal

On October 2nd, 2019, @PokemonGoApp tweeted several images revealing the "corrupted folder" that was discovered on Professor Willow's computer!

These images are somehow related to Team GO Rocket and could tie into an event we don't know about.

The first revealed Team GO Rocket image is of Cliff, a buff Poke Ball-bearded Team GO Rocket member with blue shoulders. Are they related to Team Mystic?

We also have Arlo and Sierra, two other Team GO Rocket members clad in red and yellow attire. Considering the similarities with the Team Leader's colors as well as they're perceived contrasting genders, it's safe to assume they will be somehow associated with Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. 

When Does the Team GO Rocket Event Start?

This brand-new Team GO Rocket information has not been talked about at all except for these hint images. However, yesterday we did uncover datamined information that seems to imply some new Ghost-type Shadow Pokemon arriving at the game, indicating an event start for some time in the second half of October to celebrate Halloween! Check out the 0.157.0 analysis above, and the new loading screen that hints at this fact as well at the links below. 

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